E’s song of the day

December 2, 2009

I’ve been poor about posting lately, and I’m sorry.  Work has really been dragging me down in a major way.  I’ve put in about 10 applications for other jobs in the laast few days, but still haven’t heard anything.  Meanwhile, I haven’t had a lot of energy when I get home to do much of anything.  But I’m back again today, trying to maintain some sort of positive constant in my life (lucky you).  Since I’ve been absent on and off for the last couple of weeks, I’ll be rocking a double-dose of tunes today.  First up is a little track which I heard just a couple of days ago and really enjoyed.  As I’m always on the lookout for music off of the radio radar, this seemed like a good choice.  Jam one: Blind Pilot – Three Rounds and a Sound.  Enjoy….

Next up is a song that is one of my favorites from an icon of the electronic music genre.  I, admittedly, haven’t listened to this album in way too long, but something got me thinking about this song in particular the other day, so I added it to my queue.  It’s a tune that should help me get through the rest of my day, and hopefully it can serve a similar purpose for you.  Jam two: Fatboy Slim – Talking ‘Bout My Baby.  Enjoy….

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