Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavs coach is the definition of cold-blooded as he fails to play Big Z

December 1, 2009

Coach Mike Brown and Homer share the same cat scan

Coaching is a very touchy subject.  There is no right way to do it.  As long as you bring wins to the franchise, then you are doing a good job.  You can go outside the bounds of decency as a coach to get those wins.  Woody Hayes is the shining example of a coach going too far.

right, left, right, left they toothless and people say G*dd@mn they ruthless... The original gangster Woody Hayes

The video of the event is shocking as well.  Look at how he winds up to land the blow…

As someone who walks both sides of the line, the job is not easy.  On the high school level, you can have (thankfully this year I don’t) parents in your ear about who to play, or the Athletic Director.  On the varsity, we give suggestions to the JV coach on who and what we want to have develop.  But, as a coach, you go with your gut and your experience.  The News-Herald explains.

Cavaliers coach Mike Brown often governs with his gut.

He makes important decisions by how he feels in the pit of his stomach.

It’s an art form.  There cannot be only one way to accomplish your goal. As a fan, we have the right to criticize the maneuvers of  the coach.  Mike Brown of the Cavs deserves a heaping pile of scorn right now, for not playing Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  The News-Herald continues…

Brown’s decision to bench Zydrunas Ilgauskas on Saturday didn’t go over well with the 7-foot-3 center, his teammates, his agent and many of the fans.

It was supposed to be Ilgauskas’ big night.

Ilgauskas, 34, came into Saturday’s game against Dallas tied with Cavs general manager Danny Ferry with 723 games played, first in franchise history.

Everything was set for the Cavs to honor the major accomplishment. However, Brown inexplicably saddled Ilgauskas with what is thought to be his first “DNP-CD” of his career.

Arguably, this guy has been one of the three best centers your franchise has ever had and this is the way the guy goes out?  It took LeBron to put into words what most people who knew about the record was thinking.

LeBron James, though, had the clout to say what needed to be said.

But why didn’t Brown?

“After having a little bit of time to think about it, me personally, I definitely thought he should have played,” James said. “I’m not trying to stir up anything with Coach. I don’t know who made the call.

“One game is a smaller thing. What was on the line (on Saturday) was way bigger than us playing the Mavericks. That was Z breaking the record to become the franchise leader in games played.”

Ilgauskas reportedly was steamed about Brown’s blunder.

“I think it’s a sensitive subject,” James said. “I’m not one to raise havoc in the locker room, but for me, I speak the truth. As a friend of his, I was very upset, and I know he was also.

“I stand behind Z on whatever he feels.”

Coach Mike, less is more. This is a lesson learned from Tiger...

The bigger problem that I have is that the coach really doesn’t understand that he has made a mistake.  Lets look at his statements after the game.

Brown, though, needs to have a sitdown with Ilgauskas.

“We haven’t sat down and talked face-to-face,” Brown said. “It may come to that.”

Brown said if he had it to do over again, “I’d try to play him.

This is the first clue that he really has no understanding about his team or about the record that was about to be set.  Why would you TRY to play him?  You would JUST PLAY HIM!  Even LBJ had a decent suggestion about the way to work it.

James said one way Brown could have handled the situation was to start Ilgauskas against the Mavs and then substitute for him a minute or two into the game.

That way, he could have gotten a standing ovation from the fans and the Cavs could have honored him with a plaque.

“There were a number of ways for that to be accomplished,” James said. “It could have been done.”

EXACTLY!  It could have been done, but I don’t think that the coach really sees it that way.  He is so caught up in the winning aspect that he fails to see his players as anything but soldiers that can be sacrificed for the greater good.  You burn out your players, you will have nothing to fall back on when you really need it.  The coaches justification continues…

“He was on the minutes’ sheet to play his normal 20 to 25 minutes. They went small, and the team that was out there played well. I stuck with it.

“It wasn’t planned. It just happened. There was nothing for me to say. It was based on matchups and the course of the game. You can call it a mistake or a coach’s decision.”

I think that it is pretty clear that is was a mistake.

Brown said he’s handled his players well since he’s been with the Cavs.

“I’ve done a decent job of treating guys right,” he said. “Maybe in a lot of guys’ minds, I didn’t this time. I don’t know. That’s part of being a head coach.”

Being a head coach is about being a leader of men (or in my case a leader of women) and being someone that they look to when the times are rough.  last night, in our scrimmage, we came out flat and we were down at the half.  It took a rousing halftime by the women to get their heads on right and the trust in the coaching staff to get the game back.  We went on a 16-7 run and ended up winning.  You have to have trust and I don’t think that Mike Brown has it.  When your BEST player says that you did someone dirty, it’s because you most likely did someone dirty.  Own up to the mistake and make it right.  Everything else are just excuses that keep the problem alive.

There was an opportunity for Ilgauskas to play at the end of the game, but Brown didn’t want to disrespect the center.

“That’s when you start battling yourself,” he said.

Why do you care?  Either the matchups were are weren’t there.  Either you wanted to respect him (then you should of played him to get the record and the adulation of the fans) or you didn’t care about his feelings (in which case you should have thrown him in there as well)  This would have gone away had you met with the players and told them of your sub pattern (since you should have figured that they might go small) and just played him early and gotten it out of the way.

You better hope that this doesn’t lead to a mutiny, because management usually sides with the players, especially if you are LBJ, in a walk year.  For this, Coach Mike, you are the hater of the week!

One Response to “Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavs coach is the definition of cold-blooded as he fails to play Big Z”

  1. tophatal said

    Don’t worry about Mike Brown . It’s all good as he knows if he Shaq and LeBron f_ck things up by failing to win the NBA title this year. Then Dan Gilbert as the Cavs’ majority stakeholder can always ship his a_s of to Beijing to work for Nike in one of their sweat shops there. I hear that’s where he Gilbert also found one of his new business partner who bought into the Cavs for a 25 % plus stake ?

    Dropped this on boxer Kassim Ouma should you at all be interested ? Just click on the link to view .

    From The Killing Fields To The Boxing Ring One Man’s Journey ….

    Alan Parkins

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