Charlie Weis, you ARE the weakest link…GOODBYE! Notre Dame finally fires him and puts him out of his misery

November 30, 2009

Charlie Weis? Your limo off campus awaits....

What the heck were you waiting for?  Anyone who could put two and two together knew he was fired.  The “don’t worry about recruiting on the West Coast” was a big hint after the Stanford game… ESPN puts the final nail into the coffin…

Saying its expectations on the field have not been met, Notre Dame fired coach Charlie Weis on Monday after a string of disappointing seasons that was capped by an agonizing four-game losing streak.

A brash offensive coordinator with the NFL champion New England Patriots when he was hired five years ago, Weis excited the Irish faithful with back-to-back appearances in BCS bowl games in his first two seasons.

That clearly ISNT a BCS Championship ring, since ND didn't win one. BTW Who is George?

Let’s really look at what he did.  He was living off the back of Ty Willingham, and he got blasted by Ohio State 34-20.  That is what he did in the first year.  They were so impressed with that 9-3 record, that midway through the season, they gave him a ten (yes that is right, TEN) year extension on his contract.  That is how desperate that they became to get relevant again in college football.  Pat Forde makes another point about the raw deal that Willingham got indirectly…

But as undistinguished as Davie and Willingham were, the Weis era has become a new low. When Willingham’s best recruits checked out after 2006, the program crashed.Weis’ record over the past three seasons: 16-21. Of those 16 victories, three came against opponents that finished the season with a winning record (Navy last year, Nevada and Boston College this year). There were home losses to Navy (twice), Syracuse and Connecticut. There were zero signature victories.

In fact, the only signature characteristic of the past three Weis teams has been folding in the face of adversity. One loss has precipitated numerous losses.

The Fighting Irish began 2007 by losing five straight. In 2008, they lost four of their last five regular-season games. This year, they finished Weis’ tenure by losing their last four.

And after the final defeat, at Stanford on Saturday night, Weis disappeared without facing the media.

One might ask why didn’t they do that for Tye, since during his first year, they were 10-2 and started 8-0…Damn, Weis got on a roll when he lost it.

Since then, one of the nation’s most storied football programs has gone 16-21.

Swarbick says he recommended to the university president Sunday night that Weis be let go with six years left on his contract.

“We have great expectations for our football program, and we have not been able to meet those expectations,” Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick said in a statement announcing Weis “will not be retained.”

“As an alumnus, Charlie understands those goals and expectations better than most, and he’s as disappointed as anyone that we have not achieved the desired results,” Swarbrick said.

The last time ND was any good...

Just what are they storied for?  They WERE good, a long time ago.  In fact, they were the gold standard for college football.  But, just like slavery and corporal punishment, those days have come and gone.  They have not been part of the landscape as a threat in 20 years,  since Lou Holtz was patrolling the sidelines. Does that mean that ARMY, which used to be the goods still has the right to call themselves a football powerhouse?  No.  Maybe, they need to understand that their expectations are not realistic.

Following a 6-2 start, the losing streak began and as it progressed Weis’ future was in doubt.

Weis finishes 35-27 in South Bend. His .565 winning percentage is worse than the .583 marks that got his two predecessors, Tyrone Willingham and Bob Davie, fired.

Among the people considered possible candidates to replace Weis are Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly, TCU coach Gary Patterson and Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. Stoops, though, said Monday he fully intends to be at Oklahoma “hopefully for a good while.”

Weis has told people in South Bend that he’s already heard from roughly six NFL teams about becoming their offensive coordinator next season, sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

First, Charlie, as a piece of unsolicited advice,  shore up your leaks.  Whoever you told that makes you look like a grade A ass.  Why are you talking about the NFL, when you just got fired?  Is your ego that wound up that you have to show your self worth by pointing out that you have other opportunities?

Second, the NFL is where you should have been and stayed.  You do not have the same limitations that you do in college.  They have nothing else BUT football as a pro.  They might practice for about 4 hours with weightlifting, then the rest of the day is their own.  Good players will go home and watch tape and work out, while bad players won’t.  But, they also get cut.

Notre Dame players have scheduled a mid-afternoon players meeting that will include a vote on whether they want to play in a bowl game after a 6-6 season. Swarbrick has said he will consider the players’ wishes in deciding on a bowl trip.

Rob Ianello, Notre Dame’s assistant head coach/offense, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator, will assume responsibility for football operations until a new coach is hired, Swarbrick said. Ianello has spent the past five seasons on Notre Dame’s staff.

I hope the players say no. (Even though as a player, I would go, just for the free swag at the bowl games and a free trip somewhere that is not Indiana) Here is what they got a few years ago in the Hawaii Bowl


Hawaii-Notre Dame, Dec. 24 in Honolulu
The gear:
Kicker iKick500 iPod/iPhone Dock
Silk tie
Oakley sunglasses
Kahala aloha shirt
Beach chair
Beach towel
Luggage tags
The verdict: The iPod dock looks like something out of the Batcave. The Hawaii bowl tie and Aloha shirt screams “re-gifting” for Father’s Day. And those beach chairs and towels sure will come in handy in South Bend.

As for Coach Ianello, what’s another title in the grand scheme of things?  I am surprised that you are not washing the unis as well.

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