Shaquille O’Neal shows the spirit of Thanksgiving by paying for the funeral of Shaniya Davis

November 26, 2009

This dude does not have to worry about anything....

Having everything you want and not having to want for anything must be nice.  I know its the reason that I continue in the rat race, even though I would rather be at home on the couch.  Sometimes, you see stories on the news and you feel motivated to help, or it touches you that something happened.  Hey, it is part of the reason why we blog.

When you know the story is truly horrific, can be just the tonic for action.  each person should try to do what they can.  You don’t have to be a big baller to help, although if you are, you should do more.  Shaq would qualify as a big baller.  A lot of the things that Shaq or other celebrities/athletes do don’t get the press. We want the salacious details, the embarrassing gaffes that they make.  For some, it makes them feel better about their own miserable life when they see someone else down in the dumps.  This time, we want to celebrate people doing good, especially on Thanksgiving.  Shaq showed how to be thankful for what you have…

Whip them into shape Shaq! Shaq clearly has a soft soft for kids, since he is just an oversized one himself

Shaq pays for N.C. girl’s funeral

Associated Press

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Basketball star Shaquille O’Neal paid for the funeral of a 5-year-old North Carolina girl after being moved by national news coverage of the case of Shaniya Davis, who police say was kidnapped and killed.

Shaniya and her father, Bradley Lockhart. How did this guy get involved with a crackhead mother? My heart goes out to him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player was touched by the stories he saw and got in touch with the family to see what he could do to help, a spokeswoman for O’Neal said Thursday.

More than 2,000 people attended the girl’s funeral Sunday. Her body was found Nov. 16 beside a rural road.

Her mother, Antionette Davis, who had reported the child missing six days earlier, is charged with human trafficking and child abuse involving prostitution. Mario McNeill is charged with murder, rape and kidnapping in the case.

“I was sitting at home watching it on the news and the story brought a tear to my eye,” O’Neal told The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

Corey Breece, of Rogers and Breece Funeral Home, which handled the service, declined to tell the Fayetteville Observer newspaper how much it cost but added that a child’s funeral “averages around $4,500.”

A man who answered the phone at the funeral home Thursday told the AP that only the owner could comment and that he was away.

Shaniya Davis’ father, Bradley Lockhart, and his family had set up a trust fund in memory of Shaniya to help raise money to pay for the funeral. Lockhart was not available to talk Thursday, said a man who answered the phone at his home.

O’Neal is recovering from a shoulder injury that has sidelined him for six straight games since getting hurt Nov. 12 against Miami.
Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press

The last time you guys can share....

Now all you have to do is get healthy and run the floor and not clog the lane.  the people of Cleveland need you to help LBJ get it done, or at  least be in the NBA Finals.  It would be great for you to go against the Lakers and Kobe one more time.  While I root for you as a person, I will be rooting against you if this matchup happens…

3 Responses to “Shaquille O’Neal shows the spirit of Thanksgiving by paying for the funeral of Shaniya Davis”

  1. tophatal said


    What Shaq did was a tremendous gesture ! Unfortunately what’s lost in all of this , has been the willful neglect by this child’s mother , her heinous act and that of individual who sexually assaulted and then murdered this poor innocent child . May they both rot in hell !

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  2. Steve said

    no, it wasn’t lost on us that in today’s society, there is still a slave market going on, and it is with the parent.

    There is a special place reserved for you if you do things like that.

  3. tophatal said


    Well, once the likes of Nancy Grace gets ahold of a story like this . Things tend to go downhill from thereon in. When I served in the British military (Royal Marines ’78-85) whilst on duty with a UN peacekeeping force in Eritrea , we had to protect a guy who had raped an eight year old. The civilian authorities there were in the midst of unrest and as such the country was in complete turmoil. Suffice to say that once he went on trial , justice was swift. He was found guilty and hanged within 48 hours of the verdict. Here a rat fink bas_tard would be in a cell being fed three squares a day at the taxpayers’ expense.

    Alan Parkins

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