Another sign that the Cleveland Browns are desperate: Eric Man-GENIUS is looking towards LeBron James again

November 18, 2009

Even he can't save you from getting fired Mangini

Another sign that the 1-8 Browns are desperate is that the LBJ talk is happening again.  Even you you mean this tongue in cheek, it comes off looking like you are pitful, which you are.

With my draft this year we, as we always do, rented a house where all of us met for the draft.  The people that we rented the house from were desperate to get us in the house and gave us a huge discount.  They opened with the fact that there could be a discount in it for us, which meant we KNEW that we were getting a discount.  We knew they were desperate and we took advantage of it.

The Browns are desperate and this story from ESPN proves it.

BEREA, Ohio — If LeBron James truly believes he can help the Cleveland Browns, coach Eric Mangini has an orange helmet waiting for him.

“I think he should come on down,” Mangini said.

"If I could clone LBJ and have him play all 11 positions, we can be really good..." Mangenious, shouldn't you be working on something that is actually feasible, instead of wishful thinking?

The NBA superstar, who was an All-State wide receiver in high school, said Tuesday night that if he put the time and commitment into it, he could be a good football player.

“If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good,” he said Tuesday night, “no matter what team I was on.”

Like the look, but c'mon...keep dreaming. Try getting a QB who could get him the ball

Mangini agreed, calling James “a freak athletically” and said the 6-foot-8, 260-pounder could be dangerous at tight end, wide receiver or even outside linebacker.

For the Browns to be good, they would need to clone him and he would have to play all three positions on the field.  Even then, they would need a QB and another RB, since it looks like the tank is empty with Jamal Lewis.  Shouldn’t Mangenius be worried about how they are going to fix their totally anemic offense?

Quarterback Brady Quinn also heard about James’ football fetish. He would love to have a target to throw to like James in the red zone.

“That’d be great,” Quinn said. “Tell him to suit up and let us know, we’ll get him working. Obviously he’s an incredibly talented athlete. If he wants to try to play a little bit now, we’d be more than willing to pick him up.”

Brady, your Norte Dame education is really shining through now.  Too bad your cheating ways are getting in the way of actual wins.  Even JaMarcus Russell is ahead of you and he hasn’t been hitting the books or the WR’s.  There are 36 other QB’s rated higher than you.

Browns nose tackle Shaun Rogers isn’t convinced James, as great as he is, could step into the NFL and be able to handle the pounding.

“I heard that comment,” Rogers said. “I have mixed emotions about that. A great athlete? Yes. A football player? No.”

Rogers then looked into TV cameras.

Damn Biz Markie, I didn't know that you branched off into football....

“Yeah LeBron, I said it,” he said. “It’s a punishing game. I just don’t think you can step off the basketball court after not going through this year in and year out and just play football. From that standpoint, I just don’t think it’s possible. You have to weather and condition your body to take this punishment.”

So what if James had a year to train? Could he do it then?

“Yeah, he might make a heckuva tight end,” Rogers said. “I’d like to see him out there running down the seam.”

James was an All-Ohio wide receiver at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School before quitting football after his junior year to focus on basketball. But he still follows the game closely and believes he could have been a hybrid tight end/receiver in the mold of San Diego’s Antonio Gates or Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez.

Gates, who played basketball in college and not football, is listed at 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds. James is listed at 6-8 and 250 pounds.

“They’re not always lined up next to the tackle,” James said. “Sometimes they go against strong safeties and linebackers. It’s tough to match up with those guys because they’re so athletic.”

James filmed a commercial last year for an insurance company that depicted him in a No. 23 Browns jersey with “LeBron” stitched across the back.

He has no serious plans of returning to football, but said playing the two sports takes entirely different types of stamina.

“I’d be in football shape during football season, then I’d go to basketball and feel like I was out of shape,” he said. “It’s totally different. And another thing you have to get used to is getting hit again.”

Plus, it’s enough LeBron that you are carrying the city of Akron and Cleveland on your back for basketball.  You shouldn’t have to carry the football team as well.

Mangini, don’t worry, you are about to be collecting a paycheck to NOT coach.

damn, New York can be a cold and cruel place...

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