What comes around, goes around….Valley Swim Club files for Bankruptcy on the heels of denying entry to Blacks

November 16, 2009

and keeping out blacks even earlier!

Karma is a straight up B!%#h, isn’t it?

A suburban swim club accused of discrimination last summer after revoking the memberships of mostly black and Hispanic children plans to declare bankruptcy, a newspaper reported Saturday.

Valley Swim Club president John Duesler sent an e-mail to club “friends and families” Friday saying the board of directors had voted to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy this week, The Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Duesler wrote in the e-mail that many would blame the bankruptcy on legal proceedings and negative media exposure, the newspaper said. But, he said, “the truth is that the club has struggled to stay out of the red for at least the last decade” and owes more than $100,000 in operational expenses and legal fees, the newspaper reported.

I like it how the some of the last vestiges of racism fight to stay alive, but on the real down-low.  “We are not filing bankruptcy because we are some racism a-holes, we are filing because we have always been broke.  We are squeezing that nickle so hard that boogers are coming out of Washington’s nose….”  The fact is, that you would have kept on keeping on, had it not been for the publicity your racism got you.  Whoever any pub is good pub was simply lying to you.

Duesler declined to comment to The Associated Press on Saturday.

Members “are all tired and beaten down and just sickened by how our club has been improperly portrayed,” he said, according to the Daily News. “After speaking to many members, my sense is that mostly everyone wants to move on.”

Of course you want to move on.  You were caught red handed and you want people to stop talking about it.  Instead the exact opposite should happen.  We NEED to talk about this more.

Good enough to shine your shoes, but not to swim in your pools

The Creative Steps day camp had arranged for the youngsters to swim at the Huntingdon Valley club each Monday during the summer. But during the first visit in June by 56 children — 46 black and 10 Hispanic — two children reported hearing racial comments, and the day camp’s payment was later refunded, according to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

The commission said in a decision in September that it had found probable cause to conclude that the campers were asked not to return because of the “racial animus” expressed by one member and “racially coded comments” by other members.

I like how the money is refunded later.  Not at the time, since I am trying to keep the loot, but once we are caught, then I am going to try and make it go away by giving them the money that they paid to us for services not rendered.

“I am taken aback right now. It really comes as a surprise,” Creative Steps director Alethea Wright told the AP on Saturday when told about the reported bankruptcy plans.

Brian Mildenberg, an attorney for the children in a lawsuit against the swim club, told the AP the bankruptcy filing puts a temporary stay, or hold, on the suit filed against the club.

However, the human relations discrimination proceedings, as well as the lawsuits, would be allowed to proceed if the bankruptcy court grants relief,” Mildenberg said.

The state commission, however, said other large groups that came to the swim club did not elicit a similar reaction, and the club had no black members among 334 paid memberships for the last two years.

Don't forget your abestos underwear Cracker!

This shouldn’t be a shock to you.  Blacks are not in the KKK, unless you are Clayton Bigsby.

You might be able to get some money after a re-organization of the club’s assets, but they don’t have much…

Information from: Philadelphia Daily News, http://www.philly.com

2 Responses to “What comes around, goes around….Valley Swim Club files for Bankruptcy on the heels of denying entry to Blacks”

  1. tophatal said

    Guys like you said karma is a fu_kin’ bi_ch !
    In this day and age to think that there are still bigots around is unfathomable .

    But then again if certain members had their way Obama would now be hanging from a tree in South. And that’s a fact to be sure !

    Dropped this ditty should you be interested ? Click on the text link to view.

    Carrie Prejean Says I Don’t Want To Talk About It … !

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………..

  2. Ronin Storm said

    The last of the Jim Crows staples to be plucked are the white owned swim centers denying Blacks entry.

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