Carrie Prejean is a total hypocrite: Sex tape and photos at the heart of Lawsuit settlement

November 13, 2009

You mean Chicken of the Sea is actually Tuna? Really?


Now, we are not ones for pageants here at Too Old, but this controversy was too sweet to pass up.

Now, you apologized for the one sex tape that was leaked.  Now, there are news of others.  The Daily News reports…

It looks like Carrie Prejean spoke too soon when she called her recent sex tape the “biggest mistake” of her life.

Either the seven other sex tapes that have just surfaced aren’t actually salacious, or else the former Miss California has a little more to atone for.

That is a tape I wouldn't mind downloading...but not paying for has just learned that the dethroned beauty queen has no less than eight sex tapes and 30 naked photos to her name. As in her previous sex tape, she performs solo on each video.

Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  I am not judging.  I am just glad to see that you are prodigious in the amount of porn that you are willing to star in.  After your book flops, I bet Vivid, or Larry Flynt will pay you big bucks to become a movie star lingerie model video vixen/porn star.

And you do things to yourself? High Five!

Some of the new sexy photographs that have been unearthed Prejean allegedly took herself, of own reflection in a mirror, alternately topless and completely naked.

Which gets me thinking about a joke….

Todays Specials:
Draft Beer $2.50
Cheese Sandwich $3.50
Handjob $10.00

Ali was very excited. He quickly counted all of the money in his wallet and made sure he had enough. He then walked up to the bartender. She was really hot and looked like she was the only one working at the bar that day. Ali asked “Hey Yaar, Are you being the one who is giving the $10 handjobs?”. She smiled seductively and said “Yes, I’m the one who takes care of EVERYTHING“. Ali quickly pulled out his money and said “Baby, wash your hands… because I want a cheese sandwich!”

I don’t know why, but that one just stuck with me.  Carrie might be doing that in a few years and I am going to that show with a twenty and she can keep the change…

Prejean created a national controversy earlier this year when she spoke out against gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. Her stance put her at odds with the pageant committee, which she later sued for libel, claiming she had been discriminated against for her religious views.

Prejean settled out of court on November 3 after her first sex tape surfaced. On Wednesday she threatened to walk off Larry King Live when the host questioned her about the deal.

Perhaps she can chalk up the moment as another error to add to her growing list.



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