Why you should boycott the Golden State Warriors

November 9, 2009

I already gave up on them and I am encouraging you too.  Not forever, like I did, but just until they get new ownership. The Warriors as currently organized are the functional equivalent of the Titanic. Would you buy tickets for that ship?  Then why spend it on the Warriors?  Here is one of the many reasons to give up on them.

When they broke that up opening night with me in the stands, it was over.  Mitch Richmond, the guy that they dealt was my favorite player, even though Mullin and Timmy were awesome as well.  While this is not a treatise on me, or on Billy Owens, who I like, since he was an Orangeman, they broke the bond, between fan and team.  All good things come to an end, but so should the pain and heartbreak of having to watch and inferior product and knowing that others have what you want.

Here is the current owner of the Warriors, Chris Cohan.

You need to step your suit game up if you are that rich...I'm just sayin...

Wiki ells you the story of why Warriors fans have had too much…

Christopher J. Cohan is the current owner of the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. He acquired a 25-percent interest in the team in 1991; in 1995, he became sole owner; he sold 20 percent of the team to four Silicon Valley investors in 2005.

Here is how he got the team….

Chris Cohan sued his business partners to gain sole ownership of the Golden State Warriors in 1994. The Warriors were a popular, 50-win team at the time, and soon turned into a nationally ridiculed loser. Not only that, there was a long list of parties dragged into civil courtrooms by “Cohan the Contrarian” which included his stockbroker, life insurance agent, and primary attorney. Hard to believe, but all were longtime friends. One was the best man at Cohan’s wedding and another a groomsman. Cohan was sued, too, for failing to pay his bills by his landlord — the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority,[1]

Cohan’s tenure as owner of the Warriors has been highlighted with the longest playoff drought of any team in NBA history. From 1994 to 2007, the Warriors did not make the playoffs under Cohan. Under Cohan, the team has had nine head coaches and did not have a winning season until the 2006-2007 season, after Cohan rehired Don Nelson as head coach. The 2006-2007 season was highlighted by one of the most memorable upsets in NBA Playoff history when the eighth-seeded Warriors knocked off the heavily favored top-seed Dallas Mavericks in six games in the first round. The Warriors went on to lose to the Utah Jazz in the second round of the playoffs. Cohan was the guiding force behind a completely refurbished arena in 1997 (now the 19,596-seat ORACLE Arena) and the building of a modern practice facilities in downtown Oakland for the Warriors in 1998. Cohan has been intensely criticized for his unsuccessful ownership.[1]

Here is the plea of a lifelong Warrior fan and friend of the Blog…

“I am a die hard Warriors fan who grew up with the Run TMC squad and has loved the team ever since. Like most or all of you, I suffered through the PJ Carlesimo era, the Dave Cowens era, and the Erik Musselman era; the decision to draft Joe Smith over Kevin Garnett in ’95, the decision to draft Todd Fuller over Kobe Bryant in ’96, and the decision to draft Mike Dunleavy over Amare Stoudemire in ’02; the Latrell Sprewell incident, the Stephen Jackson extension, and every other tragic and horrible mistake that this franchise has committed over the past 15 years. In that time, the team’s combined win percentage has been 37%. In 15 years, the Warriors have made the playoffs exactly ONCE, in a league where MORE THAN HALF THE TEAMS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS EACH YEAR.

1994–95 Western Pacific 6th 26 56 .317 33 Did not reach the Playoffs
1995–96 Western Pacific 6th 36 46 .439 28 Did not reach the Playoffs
1996–97 Western Pacific 7th 30 52 .366 27 Did not reach the Playoffs
1997–98 Western Pacific 6th 19 63 .232 42 Did not reach the Playoffs
1998–99 Western Pacific 6th 21 29 .420 14 Did not reach the Playoffs
1999–00 Western Pacific 6th 19 63 .232 48 Did not reach the Playoffs
2000–01 Western Pacific 7th 17 65 .207 39 Did not reach the Playoffs
2001–02 Western Pacific 7th 21 61 .256 40 Did not reach the Playoffs
2002–03 Western Pacific 6th 38 44 .463 21 Did not reach the Playoffs
2003–04 Western Pacific 5th 37 45 .451 19 Did not reach the Playoffs
2004–05 Western Pacific 5th 34 48 .415 28 Did not reach the Playoffs
2005–06 Western Pacific 5th 34 48 .415 20 Did not reach the Playoffs
2006–07 Western Pacific 3rd¤ 42 40 .512 19 Won Western Conference First Round vs. Dallas Mavericks, 4–2
Lost Western Conference Semifinals vs. Utah Jazz, 4–1[33]
2007–08 Western Pacific 3rd 48 34 .585 9 Did not reach the Playoffs
2008–09 Western Pacific 3rd 29 53 .354 36 Did not reach the Playoffs

Enough is enough.

Through 15 years of staggering incompetence and futility, there have been exactly two constants in the Warriors’ organization: owner Chris Cohan and his sidekick and team president, Robert Rowell. Tim Kawakami at the Mercury News recently reported that Cohan is in financial trouble, and that if his problems get worse, he may be forced to sell the team. Larry Ellison, the billionaire owner of Oracle, has stated on numerous occasions that he would like to buy the team and keep it here in the Bay.

I say that we put the squeeze on Chris Cohan, make him feel the pain we have felt during his tragic reign of incompetence and neglect, and stick it to him in the one place where he will actually feel it: his pocketbook.

Starting this year, I am boycotting the Warriors. I will still watch the team on TV and follow it in the papers because I am a die hard fan and I love the team and the game of basketball, but I will not spend one red cent that could possibly flow to Chris Cohan and his organization. If enough of you join me, this can become a real movement, and one that can actually result in positive change.

In the short term, a boycott may create more pain. The Warriors may be forced to unload some of the few players we still love on this dysfunctional squad. We may lose Monta, Andris, Anthony Randolph, and even Steph Curry. But in the long run, all of that talent will be destroyed for our purposes anyway, whether the players remain here or not. If history has taught us anything, it is that Chris Cohan and his cronies will find a way to ruin anything good, to turn every plus into a minus.

The only way to save our beloved franchise is to force Chris Cohan to sell it.

Boycott the Warriors until Chris Cohan sells the team, and spread the word to every Warriors fan you know to do the same.”

My buddy has some fire to his points.  Yahoo concludes VOTE SELL…there are people out there with deep pockets and the timing is right.  Don’t spoil the items in the refrigerator for the next ownership group/coach.  It will be the best move you have ever made.

The bid of Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has been out there, but details of another intriguing offer to buy the Warriors have emerged, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. There is a well-moneyed and politically connected Bay Area group that has approached Cohan about purchasing the team and building a privately funded arena in downtown San Francisco. What’s more, the group has already had third parties call several well-respected NBA front-office executives about running the team.

As for Ellison, sources say he knows what the Warriors are worth in his mind and he isn’t inclined to raise the offer Cohan has already rejected. The Warriors and NBA deny the team is for sale, but as one official with knowledge of the bids says, while Cohan “can go hot and cold,” the San Jose Mercury News’ reports over the summer were accurate. It’s just a matter of time until he sells.

So, boycott the Warriors and follow someone who needs your help.  The Clips are just owned by a racist, but he was willing to give Baron a bunch of money to play…

just in the interim until the Warriors are sold.

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