E’s song of the day

October 29, 2009

I’m so sorry for sloppily avoiding you for the last few days (especially since Steve is out of town this week and without internet).  No excuse could pardon the infraction (not even the fact that I’ve been working hard all week and getting up at 4am (actually, 3am tomorrow).  I just hope that breaking you off with a nice, eclectic trio of tunes will help ease the pain.  One more day until the end of the work week is cause for celebration, and I’ve got an action-packed weekend filled with family activities.  Tomorrow I’m going to cheer on my youngest sister in a big high school varsity volleyball rivalry match-up.  If you’re in the bay area, roll out to CPS at 5pm tomorrow and help me watch the Jayhawks pound the Cougars.  Then on Sunday I will be rolling to my other sister’s newish house for a family dinner with the Holland/Phillips clan.  I haven’t seen Meryl and Chris’ place yet so I’m very excited!  But now, on to the music!  first up, a little song Ronin and I were curious about after hearing it in the newest commercial for the new season of “Friday Night Lights.”  I haven’t watched it in a few seasons, but I used to really like the show, so I may try to see how things have developed.  jam one: Greg Laswell – Come Undone.  Enjoy….

I’ve been saving this next one near the top of my queue for some time now.  Our boy Wes loves these dudes.  Classic early nineties R&B, jam two: Ready For The World – Love You Down.  A rare repeat appearance for a group on this series.  Enjoy….

This next song is a version of a Bob Marley jam that a debate buddy of mine recommended as superior to Bob’s version.  You be the judge.  Jam three – Jacob Miller – Burning and Looting.  Enjoy….

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