Cal Football hits rock bottom

October 16, 2009

As if two straight losses weren’t enough…

The Cal Football Team will be making the trek to LA this weekend by bus. Read story. Turns out coach Tedford is just doing his part to ease the pain of his state’s budget woes while losing every possible recruit in the process. What a JackA-s this guy is. Why would he ever agree to something like this. At most schools the football program turns a huge profit every year. This profit in turn funds all the other athletics at the school. But simple economics tell us; No planes =  No good recruits = No good team = No ticket sales = No $loot$. Fire Tedford now.

No $money$ will be saved!!!

“Because the game is at 12:30 p.m., the Bears are getting to Southern California a day earlier than they would have if they traveled via charter flight as usual. It is estimated that the road travel would have saved about $20,000, a number all but wiped out by the extra night of hotel and food costs. Cal officials couldn’t immediately confirm the monetary estimates.”

Go Bruins!!!

6 Responses to “Cal Football hits rock bottom”

  1. Steve said

    We are going to beat your hater a$$ today. I like that the Bruins got back to being relevant. But, only to send you and your fans home unhappy. Punks jump up to get beat down, and you are the punks today.

    But, flying is easier and quicker, but road trips are a bonding experience. Plus, its a lot easier to bring your Berkeley hippy drugs on the bus, then risking getting caught in the airport.

  2. Steve said

    I bet UCLA flies from LAX to Pasadena too I bet….

  3. Ronin Storm said

    If Cal doesn’t beat UCLA they should have to walk home.
    Also OK will beat Texas
    And ND will beat ‘SC

  4. tophatal said

    Should anyone at all be surprised at this ?

    Dropped this on the ALCS game one.

    Meltdown In NYC …..

    Alan Parkins

  5. tophatal said

    Could the Phillies have made anymore errors in losing to the Dodgers the way that they did ?

    Dropped this also on the slew of NFL and college football games.

    Games We Relish Well For Me It’s The Ones I Like ……..

    Alan Parkins aka tophatal

  6. grammaticalchaos said

    fire Tedford. I was just saying this…he’s your own little Ron Zook…

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