Jordan lights a stogie and no one cares it’s a Cuban

October 9, 2009

This Cohiba is a great Cigar but unfortunately it’s illegal.

And this Romeo y Julieta, a personal favorite, is also illegal in the of U.S.A.

The controversy at the Presidents Cup in San Francisco this week has noting to do with Golf. Every other article out there is about Michael Jordan smoking a cigar on a public golf course which is not legal in San Francisco. The same place that has more Marijuana dispensaries than places of worship. Read here fron Wed.  Read here from yesterday. And here from today. This story will not go away. And yet no one noticed it was probably illegal contraband from Fidel Castro’s private stash.

I was just at Harding Park watching the U.S. kick some foreign BUTT and I saw/smelled no less than 1 dozen persons smoking as usual. In fact one guy told me he was smoking just to join in solidarity with Jordan. No one cares. Please make this story go away.

BTW, both Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba  have factories in the Dominican Republic I’m sure MJ’s are as Cuban as a Mojitos and long lines.

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