E’s song of the day

October 5, 2009

I’m back in ready to start off the week of classic rock in style.  I thought I was going to be working right now, but, shockingly, there was a scheduling error, so I’m home tonight and on the job tomorrow instead.  It did give me an opportunity to catch Monday Night Football, which I was worried about missing.  I’m looking to have another good fantasy football week (5-2…yes, I’m in SEVEN leagues…it’s crazy) pending the conclusion of tonight’s game, and it’s good to get back in the winning spirit after two sup-par weeks in a row.  The two football teams that I rep went 1-1 this weekend, although Raider losses are, sadly, no longer coming as much of a surprise these days.  it was GREAT to see my Trojans handle the Bears on Saturday though.

Back to the music, what better way to start of classic rock week than a little double dosage of perhaps the most iconic rock group of all-time.  I had been beating myself up for not playing them sooner, but when I decided on doing this classic rock week, I instantly knew how I wanted to open it up.  First up, my personal favorite, jam one: The Beatles – Blackbird.  Enjoy….

Second up, another Beatles jam that I absolutely love.  I contemplated for a while whether to drop one of their most well-known songs (Yesterday, Let It Be etc.), or perhaps one of their more fun tunes (Sgt. Pepper, Rocky Raccoon etc.) but decided instead just to play my favorites.  This one is a close second to the first.  Jam two: The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby.  Enjoy….

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