Stanford gets booted from Fight Club

September 30, 2009

Stanford with new Fight Club brother

I was really bummed-out to learn the Texas financier R. Allen Stanford awaiting trial for investor fraud was being transferred to another prison after joining a Fight Club. Stanford’s good friend Bernie Madoff sent him a letter last month detailing all the ins and outs of the secret club. But Stanford being such a know-it-all thought he could just buy his way in. Instead he suffered a concussion, two black eyes and a broken nose. I didn’t know they had Fight Club in the “big house”? One would think the convicts would spend their time more efficiently like in Shawshank Redemption.

Stanford seemed to be fitting in so well with his fellow inmates. His cell mates even gave him the proper prison whoop-ass  initiation. Apparently Stanford violated  the first rule of Fight Club. Well, technically the the first and second rule. And one would guess he didn’t know the third rule. Either way it’s too bad Stanford has to leave his new residence for a new one. He can only wish his new spot has a Fight Club chapter of it’s own.?  This would be good news for Stanford as he’ll be able to pledge again. Which we all know is the best part of joining any club.

3 Responses to “Stanford gets booted from Fight Club”

  1. In one fail swoop this son of a bi)ch has but derailed the economies of several small Caribbean countries in the West Indies.

    Fu_k him !

    Alan Parkins

  2. Steve said

    The only thing that I am mad about is that there is not film on the subject.

    This dude stole from friends and family. I don’t mind crooks, I mind crooks with no standards…

    Plus, when is enough actually enough?

  3. Steve

    He and Madoff aren’t the only ones to blame in all of this. Look no further than the SEC and the several warning that they’d received from various individuals. Each time there was little or no investigation. That’s what you get when there’s not enough regulatory governance within this area. And those a-holes within Congress seemingly are off the belief that these imbeciles can govern themselves ? That’s like asking an anorexic model “….do you want to be fat ” ?

    Alan Parkins

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