E’s song of the day

September 29, 2009

I’ve been out of commission for the last few days, but I’m back to give you some great music as you prepare for hump day.  It was a wild weekend of football (Trojans win, Cal loses, Raiders get smashed by the hated Broncos…) which contributed to my absence.  Have no fear, though, because I’ve been saving some choice tunes for today.  First up we have a little track that’s pretty hot over in the UK right now.  it’s also a nice change from most of the dance music that I usually hear tearing up the UK charts.  Jam one: Just Jack – The Day I Died.  Enjoy….

This second tune is a classic jam, but somehow it always reminds me of the South Park episode in which the boys start a talent agency and end up taking Wing (the wife of the Chinese restaurant owner) to Los Angeles to be on American Idol.  This jam kicks off the episode when it’s covered by Token in a talent show.  An absolutely classic song from a legend.  Jam two: Lou Rawls – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine.   Enjoy….

Lastly, we’ll switch things up one more time with a little hip hop flavor in your ear.  This song really needs no introduction, it’s just classic hip hop.  If you don’t like this jam, fuck you!  Jam 3 – De La Soul ft. Jungle Brothers and Q-Tip – Buddy.  Enjoy….

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