David Hasselhoff: Stay off the Sauce! Has to be rushed to the hospital again!

September 21, 2009

Damn, how are you going to let film of this exist of you drunk like a skunk?

Damn, how are you going to let film of this exist of you drunk like a skunk?

The sauce is clearly worse than marijuana, but one is legal if you are 21 and the other is not.  That seems a little short sighted to me.

But, someone needs to get this guy some lasting help, not just tell him what he wants to hear.  The Sun reports the sobering news…

Hasselhoff is hospitalised again


Published: Today

DAVID HASSELHOFF has been saved by his teenage daughter for the second time this year.

Seventeen-year-old Hayley called for help for the TV star when he collapsed after a booze bender, according to reports.

An ambulance arrived at the former Baywatch star’s Californian home at around 3.30pm yesterday and took him to hospital.

Gossip website TMZ said: “Hayley Hasselhoff – who was at home with David – called her mother Pamela, claiming David was extremely drunk.

“One of Pamela’s friends called 911, paramedics arrived at the family’s home in Encino and took him to the hospital.”

Emergency services confirmed they had visited the house, but refused to say why.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Fire Department said: “We sent an ambulance and a person was transported to a local hospital.”

It is believed that David, 57, left hospital last night.

A very similar incident happened in May of this year.

David collapsed with suspected alcohol poisoning and Hayley had to keep slapping his face to stop him from drifting away, fearing he was going to die.

Again she called mum Pamela, who got him to hospital.

I thought that you would learn when they got a 6 minute video of you rolling around on the floor drunk eating a hamburger.  i guess not…

3 Responses to “David Hasselhoff: Stay off the Sauce! Has to be rushed to the hospital again!”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Hey, as long as Hoff doesn’t spew-out antisemitic remarks or call female cops sugar tits he just isn’t doing the drunk Hollywood star thing well. As far as I’m concerned this was another piss-poor acting effort by the Hoff. He should try again ASAP.

  2. Nathan said


    no alcoholism, it was an ear infection. Nothing but slander from you. Oh and sugar tits is the greatest female cop cap off on the streets today.

  3. Hasselhoff is a no talent hack ! You can tell how far he’s fallen when in Germany they still think that he’s some sort of a sex symbol . LOL, LOL, !!! America’s Got Talent ? Hasselhoff couldn’t spot talent if you offered him the T ,A , E & T and then ask him to insert the missing letters.

    The guy is as dumb as box of rocks !

    Alan Parkins aka ………..

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