All you have in this world is your word, your balls, and well…your spank bank.

September 19, 2009

You Must Protect This House!!!

Or Spank Bank.

Don’t let anyone dog your Spank Bank. That SH*T is sacred. Unfortunately some people just love to hate. And of course the  TooOld Crew is not immune. There is a time and place for HATE but at the expense of your boy’s Spank Bank is neither. Case in point Steve’s post yesterday about Khloe Kardashian. Just leave my girl alone. She’s young, tall, and has a great personality. Don’t HATE!!!

Khloe I can take but it gets worse. I’m even clowned for big upping Jessica Biel, and Rihanna.

Something about down syndrome was the capp. That’s weak. These two are HOTTT!!!

Thank G*D I haven’t heard anything about Joy Bryant. I might have to throw some blows if that happens. Joy is half the reason I have seen the movie London a few dozen times.

Enter today’s HATE. The woman from the Chase Credit Card commercial. Her name is Molly Culver and I made a comment that she is “smoking”. Needless to say the HATE was thick in the room. But I’ve got my girls back. Take another look. My girl is SMOKING. Yeah, I said it!!!

Or here with Pam Anderson, and Natalie Raitano.  Molly steals the picture and that’s a tough crowd.

I rest my case my case. Now excuse me I got a date with some some lotion.

3 Responses to “All you have in this world is your word, your balls, and well…your spank bank.”

  1. Steve said

    I said it should have lanolin in it… not some aloe vera bullshit!

  2. […] But, I don’t really have anything else to say?  I just thought of something.  Would Khloe, (since Ronin has her naked in the post below) eat here, since it’s meat and that probably led to some torture? (If you know what hot dogs […]

  3. Ronin Storm said

    Khlo would sneak-in after a long night of drinking and blame it on the alcohol.

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