Play fair with Serena

September 16, 2009

Holy Sh-t!. Let it go!!! Girl had a bad day during an important match with a crappy line judge that kept calling fault when it clearly wasn’t a foot fault. That’s all. Let it go. We should be more concerned with getting better umpire staff for the top matches. Why do you think a few years ago the USTA implemented instant replays and challenges when the technology was finally available??? B/c the system is broken. How about a dedicated professional umpire and staff. If the staff were professionals then there would be more respect for their calls. Stop being so cheap USTA and spend some loot on some quality judging.This one had no clue just a housewife with a weekend gig and some free Polo gear. BTW, what’s that stupid look on her face?

Serena is not evil nor a bad person just a fierce competitor like everyone else that has won gran slams. We have seen this type of meltdown before and it won’t be the last. In fact during a rain delay friday CBS decided to rebroadcast the 18 minutes of chaos during a 1979 Open match between McEnroe and Ilie Nastase. The network saw no problem with that meltdown ruining the sanctity of the game. Instead outburts and meltdowns are celebrated in tennis, one of the most fiercely competitive of individual sports.

Roger Federer used profanity during his loss to Potro in the finals.  Federer argued with the chair umpire over the lateness of a challenge. His arrogance was appalling and he even dropped the F-Bomb after CBS took their time going to break but no one was outraged over this. Serena used no profanity. Instead Federer is viewed as a “proper gentleman”.

“Male athletes have had their “pushes and shoves” and near fights dismissed, minimized as competitive fire, raging testosterone and machismo”-NYT

But a woman can’t display the same. Certainly not a Black woman. I say that’s sexist and hypocrisy! Anyone that says different is just trying to sell you tickets or advertising. Unintentionally  Serena has advanced women sports. I’m sure Navratilova, King and Graf  would agree. I enjoy watching competitive sports. I want to see the best athletes give all they have got. And if sometimes their passion gets the best of them and they go too far that’s fine as long as they apologize and no one was hurt. Lets be fair and move on. Serena gets a pass.

2 Responses to “Play fair with Serena”

  1. Ronin Storm

    Let it go ? Next you’ll be telling us if it were her menstrual cycle it’d be OK ? WTF ? What about etiquette ? It’d appear she may well have felt it beneath her ?

    She was wrong with the outburst and the recourse in this case would’ve been to have called the head umpire for a final decision.

    But that wasn’t part of her response so instead she goes of on a tirade.

  2. As to Federer , his actions weren’t directed at an official. I’ve seen McEnroe , Connors and Ilie Nastase do far worse than that .

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