E’s song of the day

September 16, 2009

It’s gonna be another late night on the grind, but of course I’m getting you music junkies your fix before I settle in for the evening.  Keeping once again with the theme of female musicians, today I’ve got this funky little electronic group from the UK with a female lead singer.  I heard this particular song on an episode of the BBC show “Skins.”  If you haven’t heard of this show you should check it out.  It’s a great teen angst drama following a group of kids in England in their last couple of years of what we would call high school.  It’s sort of a “Beverly Hills 90210” meets Trainspotting (with a bit less heroin).  I also like British TV because they don’t really censor anything, like the networks here do.  Today’s jam: Crystal Castles – Alice Practice.  Enjoy….

2 Responses to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Thanx E,
    Nice song…
    Will you now help me take out the pencil I jammed in my ear and help stop my eyes from bleeding. That girl from the “Ring” must have been singing.

    • Erik said

      You know I gotta keep you on your toes, Ronin. This track was a strange one, for sure, but I pride myself on providing as diverse a musical selection as possible. Perhaps you’ll like this morning’s jam more…

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