President Obama calls Kayne West a jackass….while it’s true, you can’t SAY IT!!!!

September 15, 2009

Yes, WE you a jackass....

Yes, WE you a jackass....

We feel you President Obama, but you have to keep that black side bottled up.  Now, we are the ones that can go all ghetto, but you have to keep it cool…

When it comes to Kanye West, it seems that President Obama is thinking what the rest of the country is thinking.

The President called the rapper “a jackass” in an off-the-record comment during a CNBC interview yesterday, but the comment became public when it was tweeted by ABC’s Terry Moran on Twitter, reported Monday night.

An ABC statement explains: “ABC News employees prematurely tweeted a portion of those remarks that turned out to be from an off-the-record portion of the interview.”

Terry Moran… do you want to keep your credentials to report on the White House?  You can’t try to clown the president like that….

Look at the surprise on her face....

Look at the surprise on her face....

Meanwhile, West himself admitted to Jay Leno what Americans -and Obama – had already figured out: Kanye screwed up big-time.

And maybe he needs to figure out why.

Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, the rapper jumped on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and declared her award should have gone to Beyoncé Knowles.

After fielding a 24-hour firestorm of criticism and apologizing on his blog, West told Leno last night, “It was rude, period….I’m just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else’s hurt.”

West, who has had similar outbursts at previous awards shows, said, “I need to, after this, take some time off and just analyze how I’m going to make it through the rest of this life, how I’m going to improve.

I feel for you on the loss of your mom.  It caused me to take time off from school and do some different things.  But, under no circumstances should you forget who you are…

You can try to explain, but there really is no explanation....

You can try to explain, but there really is no explanation....

“If there’s anything I could do to help Taylor in the future or help anyone, I’d like [to],” he said.

Swift, who was invited onstage later at the VMAs by Beyoncé to finish her interrupted comments, gets a chance to respond this morning, when she appears on ABC’s “The View.”

Kayne, you can help her with some beats and a transformation into R&B, since as a country “star” (I use that term very loosely) I am not going to hear you.  In fact, I only know who you are, due to this…

West’s discomfort was a gift from ratings heaven to Leno, who was kicking off his new 10 p.m. show last night.

He wound up with the country’s hottest celebrity story landing in his grateful lap.

West had been previously scheduled on the show as a performer only, with Jay-Z and Rihanna. Leno told the audience that because of what had happened the previous night, “Kanye wanted to talk.”

Leno asked West when he knew what he did was wrong.

“As soon as I gave the mike back to her and she didn’t keep going,” West said.

Still, after Leno asked him how his deceased mother would have reacted to his actions, West was silent for so long that Leno came back with a second question to coax an answer.

Jay didn’t have to come back with the mom comment.  The dude is hurting about the loss of his mom and that can explain his wild behavior.  The alcohol is the other reason that you felt the need to jump on stage like a fool.

cue Jamie Foxx.... blame it on the...

cue Jamie Foxx.... blame it on the...henny it looks like...

4 Responses to “President Obama calls Kayne West a jackass….while it’s true, you can’t SAY IT!!!!”

  1. West embodies the title of his seminal CD ‘The College Dropout ‘ If it’s true then and it can’t be said. Is it any different from what was said by Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) who in essence called the President a liar during joint session address of both houses of Congress ?

    It’s a matter of etiquette and civility. You can’t excuse either under any circumstance. And the President was quite within his right to make that comment.

    So now you tell me which of the actions was more idiotic to begin with ?
    Wilson’s , West’s or Williams’ ?

    West may well be a musical genius and enfant terrible but at the same time he’s proving what an ass he can be. Much as in the same way Serena Williams’ actions were uncalled for .

    And as for alleged acts of contrition once again they’re not worth the paper they’re written on ! We all know that West’ll do the same thing again given the venue. And it’s not as if the buffoons within Congress know how to act appropriately to begin with.
    As for Williams a $10,500 fine is like pis_in’ in the ocean . It’s hardly likely to deter her or make a decisive hole in her pocket.

    Is that what the kids of today have to live up to ?

    Alan Parkins

  2. Mr Alan Parkins agreed buffoons abound!

    It’s too bad that everyone from Congress through rappers who have had too much sippy-sippy and are tipsy-tipsy or athletes w/so much money that it is so easy just to incur a fine for bad behavior- it’s just too bad for all of us watching and listening. While all three acts were different they are very similar, everyone acting the fool plain and simple! I hope the three aforementioned straighten up their acts but quick!In fact, It would be my hope the Congressman recueses himself and voluntarily leaves office because he is just one Jacka$$ too many for me! Enough said!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
    Mary Caliendo

    • Steve said

      Mary, I agree with you and if I am going to rank the buffoons, it’s
      1) Joe Wilson
      2) Kayne West
      3) Serena Williams

      Joe should be replaced….Kayne should get some counseling and Serena was just mad…While she shouldn’t have gone off, that is within the acceptable limits of non-intervention

      • Steve

        I for one have no time for the members of Congress. I’ve resided here after having lived in London. The place of my birth for the first thirty years of my life . Whilst there I’d seen the idiotic behavior at times of our members of Parliament.

        And now having lived and worked here in the US for the past 17 years , I honestly can’t tell which group of politicians are the worst.

        I’ve also had the pleasure of living in Paris while I was sent there by the company I’d been working for at the time. They’re not too bad there. But I’d go with the fact that in Italy it’s almost as bad. Especially with the antics of the Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The guy is a a whore-monger. He’s had the temerity to excuse his sexual proclivities whilst married and make it seem a part of his official duties. Never-mind that he hides behind the cloak of being a racial bigot .

        Alan Parkins

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