Richard Seymour says, “I’ll be the guy on top of the quarterback,” AND HE IS RIGHT!!!

September 14, 2009

I pity the fool....please block me one on one...

I pity the fool....please block me one on one...

First Quarter…Seymour is making the defense look positively beastly…it’s nice to promie something and get it early in the game.  We go to, who covered the Seymour press conference.

Seymour said he wasn’t worried about playing in a game two days after reporting to his new team, saying he worked out in his backyard.

“I wasn’t just sitting around,” Seymour said. “I always pride myself in being in condition, being a well-conditioned athlete. I’ve got a couple of oak trees in the back, and I was hitting a couple of oak trees in the back, doing some rip moves.”

Seymour has been a stalwart in New England since being drafted sixth overall in 2001. He played on three Super Bowl winners with the Patriots, recording 39 career sacks and being selected to the Pro Bowl for five straight seasons beginning in 2002.

The Raiders were looking to upgrade a run defense that was the worst in the league during the exhibition season and has been the worst over the past six seasons. Since going to the Super Bowl following the 2002 season, Oakland has had the worst run defense in the NFL, allowing 141.7 yards per game on the ground and 122 touchdowns rushing.

Despite his late arrival, Seymour said he plans to be on the field for Oakland’s opener Monday night against San Diego.

“I’ll be the guy on top of the quarterback,” he said.

Defensive end Greg Ellis said he expected Seymour to contribute in the opener even though he won’t even have a full practice with his new team.

“That’s not far-fetched,” Ellis said. “You think about it. He’s been a pro now nine years. It’s not like he wasn’t practicing with the Patriots. It’s not like he was just sitting there doing nothing. So he’s in football shape, I’m pretty sure, with the program he’s coming from. So I don’t think that’ll be an issue at all.”

I love it when a player says something, then backs it up in the field….

Ill get my money next year as long as I produce

Child best believe I am going to get mine...

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