E’s song of the day

September 11, 2009

Another day another dollar.  I’m back home from work, but I have to be back at 5am tomorrow, so I’m gonna break you off with a tune and then get ready to go to bed (fml).  I hyped up female musicians last time, and I plan on delivering on all the hype.  We’ll open with a titan of music, period.  Strangely, it was the only solo female artist featured in one of my large CD books.  She’s getting older, but she’s still got it.  In fact, yesterday’s jam, Tiger Woods, references this artist.  I thought I’d go with something a little on the lighter side.  I went with a live version, just to mix things up a bit more.  Today’s jam: Madonna – La Isla Bonita.  Enjoy…

2 Responses to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Great classic True Blue. This song started my love affair with Latin America. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen is in Belize named San Pedro. I only spent a few hours there but, I could retire there and never come back. Thanks for the torture as I’m on an impossible blind date right now waiting for her to dress.
    But how did you not include the video with Madonna in the flamenco dress playing catholic girl and slutty girl.
    And what’s with callin my girl old?
    Come on, now?

    • Erik said

      I love this tune too. I searched for the original video for some time but couldn’t find one that allowed embedding, so I was forced to go with the live version.

      And yes, I called your girl old, because she is (you’ve seen that crazy picture Steve posted with her arms looking all weird). I also recall saying that she’s still got it, though…

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