Last one hired, first one fired: Bucs and Raheem Morris fire Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski

September 3, 2009

I wonder how long it will take them to take down his picture from the team website...

I wonder how long it will take them to take down his picture from the team website...

Karma is a B@#$%h.  What comes around, goes around.  Jags left Boston College kinda dirty, as he was interviewing for the  Jets, even though they told him to do so, would mean that he would be fired from his Head Coaching job.  He did anyway, and got fired.  He landed on his feet quickly with another NFL job with the Buccaneers.

But, look how quickly things change…

Lets see how quickly you bounce back from this one...

Let's see how quickly you bounce back from this one...

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Thursday, September 3, 2009
Just-hired Jagodzinski fired by Bucs

By Pat Yasinskas

TAMPA, Fla. — In a stunning move 10 days before the start of the regular season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have dismissed offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.


The Bucs announced the move in a statement Thursday morning and said quarterbacks coach Greg Olson will take over as coordinator. “We needed more direction,” Bucs coach Raheem Morris said in an early-afternoon news conference. “We needed more precision. [We weren’t] getting it at the time, so you make the change.” The change comes on the eve of the Bucs’ preseason finale against the Houston Texans. Tampa Bay opens the regular season Sept. 13 at home against the Dallas Cowboys. “I am certainly disappointed but I wish nothing but the best for Raheem Morris and the entire Buccaneer organization,” Jagodzinski said in a statement Thursday. “I was given the chance to remain on staff as the quarterbacks coach, but felt that the timing for such a move was not in the best interest for either side.” Morris and team sources confirmed Jagodzinski had the option of staying on the staff but declined.

You were demoted, but you left.  I can get down with the pride thing…but it’s an NFL job….there are not that many of them out there.

Morris and team sources also said the conflict in no way stemmed from the decision to go with veteran Byron Leftwich as the opening-day starter at quarterback and bring rookie Josh Freeman along slowly. A team source said the coaching staff was united in the decision to open with Leftwich. A team source said conflict had been building since early in training camp over coaches and players not agreeing with Jagodzinski’s coaching philosophies and teaching methods. “This guy was better suited to be a head coach than a coordinator,” the team source said.

Even though you are out of a job, it’s a decent backhanded compliment that they saw you as a head coach.

The source also said Jagodzinski was not calling plays in the preseason. That responsibility fell to running backs coach Steve Logan, who was Jagodzinski’s offensive coordinator at Boston College. Another team source said the Bucs will pay Jagodzinski about $1 million on his contract. Jagodzinski was hired by Morris in January three weeks after a rocky ending to his time as head coach at BC. Against the wishes of BC’s administration, Jagodzinski interviewed for the head coaching vacancy with the New York Jets and was fired the next day, ending his two-season stint in Chestnut Hill. “I just learned the news. It’s unfortunate,” Boston College athletics director Gene DeFilippo said in a statement Thursday.”All of us at Boston College wish Jags and his family the very best.”

You know that this dude is laughing his ass off at the fact that he is out of another job.  He is thinking to himself that he got the last laugh, but he would be wrong…A milli to do nothing is dope…

The Bucs initially viewed the hiring of Jagodzinski and veteran defensive coordinator Jim Bates as positives that would give first-time head coach Morris experience to lean on. “We wanted to get the dream team together,” Morris said. “It just didn’t work out.” Olson twice has been a coordinator before. Although there have been reports that Olson interviewed for Tampa Bay’s coordinator position when Jagodzinski got the job, the team source said this was not true. Olson was under contract as the quarterbacks coach and was not initially considered for the coordinator position, the source said. The source also confirmed the Bucs refused to let Olson interview for jobs with two other teams in the offseason. NFL blogger Pat Yasinskas covers the NFC South for

How do you make this move with the season about to start?  I mean, it is better than making it with the season in full swing, but not by much.  Popular money has Chan Gailey (formerly of the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Georgia Tech) is the guy to get it going.  He has a wealth of NFL experience to fall back on, and he might actually fulfill the role of mentor that they thought Bates and Jagodzinski was supposed to fill

2 Responses to “Last one hired, first one fired: Bucs and Raheem Morris fire Offensive Coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski”

  1. Wow. The 5th stringers weren’t moving the ball well enough or what?

  2. Steve said

    Im sayin! This is a rash move for a brand new coach. I like Raheem Morris, and I want him to succeed. This move better work…don’t damage the current black coaches that are getting looks in the League….

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