Another reason to avoid APPLE and the IPhone…Exploding IPhones in Europe…

August 29, 2009

This is not an expensive paperweight.....

This is not an expensive's an iphone and yes, there is an app for that!

You don’t hear about his happening with SPRINT or Verizon products….

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Apple Inc is investigating media reports that one or more of the company’s iPhones have exploded in Europe, a European Commission spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The spokeswoman for the EU executive, which oversees the safety of consumer products sold in the 27-country bloc, said Apple had described the reported incidents as isolated.

Apple said it was aware of the media reports, which include a case in which a teenager in France said he was slightly injured when his iPhone made a hissing noise and shattered, but did not comment on any contacts with the Commission.

“Apple have come back to us … and what they’ve said to us is that they consider these are isolated incidents. They don’t consider that there’s a general problem,” Commission spokeswoman Helen Kearns told a news briefing.

“They’re trying to get more information on the specific details of those incidents (reported in the media) and they will do tests as necessary to investigate the possible cause,” she said.

Apple did not comment on the Commission spokeswoman’s remarks.

But a spokesman for Apple Europe Ltd said: “We are aware of these (media) reports and we are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers. Until we have the full details, we don’t have anything further to add.”

(Reporting by Timothy Heritage; editing by John Stonestreet)

They claim that it is not a problem, because they don’t want all their lemmings panicking at once wondering what to do.  All is well, they say, this is not something to be worried about.  If you are worried, just buy another app from the store.    But, later, another phone exploded…

All eyes are on Snow Leopard and the growing queues outside Apple stores today – we’re told London’s Regent Street store had a line round the block before it opened – but another exploding iPhone report could sour the good mood at Cupertino. According to TechCrunch UK, Belgian news sources are reporting that a 15-year-old boy was holding his iPhone next to his ear, about to make a call, when it “imploded”.

This didn't happen....IPhones do not explode....BUY MORE ITUNES!

This didn't happen....IPhones do not explode....BUY MORE ITUNES!

Although the boy – only known as Salvatore – had no serious injuries, he was left with a headache that lasted “a couple of days”.  Apple have apparently promised him a new iPhone, but are yet to deliver it.

Apple maintain that the iPhone malfunctions are “isolated incidents” and do not represent a more widespread problem; however they have also begun an investigation into the ongoing safety of the handsets.  Meanwhile French consumer affairs and fraud watchdog DGCCRF has apparently launched their own investigation into iPhone safety, with the European Commission describing Apple as “very cooperative”.  Nonetheless Apple has declined to comment on the DGCCRF investigation until they have had an opportunity to examine the affected iPhones.

So, it will be okay.  Just continue to but products and make them rich….

Apple, here is a website of people who have you product and what they think about the IPhone

And reading it, they really do….add explosion on the list.

This is really all the Iphone is good for.  The apps are just making everyone rich, but you.

at least you wont leave a ring on the table...

at least you won't leave a ring on the table...

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