Turnovers and Bear Market rallies….The USC QB drama

August 28, 2009

whoops....wrong kind of turnovers, but you get the message....

whoops....wrong kind of turnovers, but you get the message....

Some for my Bruins. Some for Cal. Some for Oregon. Some for ASU. Some for Oregon State. Maybe even some for Stanford. Well, maybe not some for Stanford. I’m talking about turnovers. USC turnovers to be precise.

Hey I like turnovers. Who doesn’t? They are full of excitement and can change the outcome of a football game. Especially if they come from a program that has recently dominated it’s league. A turnover fuels the fire of the underdog. Gives ’em the hope and the will to win.

Cmon David....nobody remembers that CAL was Co-Champions with SC in 06!

C'mon David....nobody remembers that CAL was Co-Champions with SC in 06!

But it also sickens the spirit of it’s own team. Sometimes so much that a turnover or two can destroy not only a game but a program. This is why I will enjoy watching USC this year. Turnovers b/c i’ts all I could think about while watching the stock market plunge this morning and reading this article on Rivals today .

So much for paying your dues: As of a few minutes ago, Matt Barkley is officially slated to become the first true freshman quarterback to start a USC opener:

“It’s clear to us as a staff that Matt Barkley is ready to be the starting quarterback at USC,” Carroll said. “He has exceeded all our expectations. He has all the physical ability, he has the mentality and temperament to handle the position, his personality is very well received by all the players and he’s extremely talented.
“He’s the starting quarterback at USC — it’s not a on e-game deal,” Carroll said.

This was a moderately predictable headline after Barkley’s allegedly eye-opening performance in the spring; two weeks ago, when Aaron Corp’s knee injury opened the door for Barkley to assert himself with the first team, his chances seemed to rise to about 50-50. But today, after two weeks of mostly mediocre practice reports, at least one dreadful scrimmage and a growing concern over his mounting interception total, on a day when even reporters closest to the program reported all signs point to a healthy Corp reassuming the reins by the end of the week, it’s fairly stunning. No: Given the widespread assumptions after Barkley tanked his first scrimmage since Corp’s injury, it’s very stunning.

Not that any quarterback under Pete Carroll has failed to set the Pac-10 on fire, but they’ve all put in their dues: Carson Palmer struggled through his junior year before exploding as a senior, and even as first-rate, massively hyped recruits, Matt Leinart, John David Booty and Mark Sanchez all sat for at least two years — in the cases of Booty and Sanchez, three years — biding their time. Corp, a drooled-over prospect in his own right, was next in line, and was consistently protrayed as the steady, headstrong, conservative presence who would eventually win out over the more talented but erratic young gun. Carroll has always emphasized turnovers, and Corp has by all accounts been far stingier with the ball than Barkley. Even when I watched Barkley’s high school team play an ESPN2 game last fall, he tossed multiple interceptions.

But: The kid can obviously sling it, and will give the Trojans a chance for more big plays downfield than Corp. He already has NFL size, a spring practice under his belt and an entire year of prepping between his commitment to SC and his first day on campus. They don’t come more hyped than Barkley, even when their last name is “Clausen,” and the competition at USC is its own quality control. He seized the highest profile job in college sports like it was a birthright.

And, yeah, the line on the Trojans’ Sept. 12 visit to Ohio State just dropped by half.

The article is of course about about USC’s first true freshman quarterback but all I took from it was that Barkley loves to share the ball with other teams. I’m thinking the Pac-10 could use a little bit more of that from USC. I’m also thinking the tirade Pete Carroll threw at Sanchez for leaving early makes a lot more sense now.

But I’m also thinking if it gets really out of hand for ‘SC it may be the beginning of the end for the Trojans.  If Barkley gives up too many turnovers and they get blown out by Ohio State this could be the end for the spoiled children of Troy. Or maybe I’m just hating. But in all fairness no one ever sees it coming. It just happens one day then it’s over. Dynasties come and go but history is never studied so the Kool Aid continues to be drained.

All the signs are here… Read the article above again. Listen to all the excuses, then the conclusion. How does any of that make any sense??? This so called sports reporter, Matt Hinton, should be ashamed. So… Barkley was in High School last year, loves throwing the pick, and won the position b/c his competition broke his wheel, is somehow poised to lead the Trojans to another Championship. WTF??? Before there was the USC of today there was USC in the 70’s and UCLA in the 80’s and U-Dub in the early 90’s. They all went away FAST and without warning. No one sees the downfall before it happens. Dynasties are just like bear market rallies. That is “they last just long enough to get everyone in before it falls apart”.

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