Micheal Vick and Irony: The fans love him in his return to football and a leading hater KILLS HER DOG!

August 28, 2009

It’s really true.  What comes around goes around.  That is why we here try not to do anyone dirty, unless they really, really deserve it.  We could have hated on a number of people, but we held our tongue out of  respect for others, or the scene it would have caused.  The reason is simple….when you act out of pocket, you have that come back on you at the worst possible time.

Michael Vick had it all.  he had a 100 million dollar contract, plus money coming in from endorsements.  He was living as large as possible.  But, as we know from his dog fighting, he got caught up and lost it all.  Now, his finances are in shambles and he is broke, having filed for bankruptcy protection.

But, there this a brighter day ahead.  The creditors have approved his plan to repay some of his debts.

Michael Vick’s plan to repay more than $20 million he owes to creditors was approved Thursday, just before the quarterback hopped on a plane to Philadelphia to play in his first NFL game since 2006.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Frank J. Santoro, who rejected a plan brought several months ago by Vick’s attorneys, endorsed a new proposal that was smoothed over by Vick’s return to football.

“Mr. Vick went from the height of wealth and celebrity to imprisonment, and back again … and he is to be commended for that,” Santoro said.

After the hearing, Vick signed an autograph, heard a man yelling “Welcome back, Mike,” and jumped into a waiting SUV. Then he was to catch a flight from Newport News to Philadelphia, where his new team, the Eagles, would play in a preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars [team stats].

Even the Judge noticed.  He had it all, then had nothing.  But, in America, failure is accepted.  He can rebuild his life one step at a time.  The haters are rooting for failure.  But, most people understand about making mistakes.  We are not perfect.  Some guy (a fan) even welcomed him back.  People wanted his autograph and are buying his jersey.

Dont you have anything better to do?  Like take care of your kids, or enjoy life?  A life of hate will consume you...

Don't you have anything better to do? Like take care of your kids, or enjoy life? A life of hate will consume you...

But, it didn’t work.  You went out and your voices were not heard.  The Philadelphia Eagles went out and signed Vick to provide more spark to the Offense.

So much for the protest....I think you wasted your time PETA

So much for the protest....I think you wasted your time PETA...The NFL took him back, the Eagles are paying him, and we are ignoring you the best way we can. The game is on, can you turn it up?

These people spent so much time consumed in their hatred of Mike Vick, that they rarely took the time to examine their own life.  Maybe they needed to find some things to improve on.  But that type of self reflection is outweighed by their desire to be holier than thou.  Why look at my wrongs, when I can point out the flaws of someone else?

Now, you might say that is ironic, since we do a lot of hating here at the blog.  We don’t hate, we send out messages and warnings and words to live by.  we hate, but it is all couched in love.

Now lets get to another ironic twist in the Mick Vick story.

Meet Robin Starr.



She is the head of the SPCA in Richmond, Virginia.  She also was an outspoken critic of Michael Vick.  Now the shoe is on the other foot…

The Richmond Times Dispatch explains the hypocrisy…

KILLER! Why are there not protests happening at your office or place of work?  You are a killer....

KILLER! Why are there not protests happening at your office or place of work? You are a killer....

By Staff Reports

Published: August 26, 2009

A dog belonging to Robin Starr, chief executive officer of the Richmond SPCA, died last week after being left alone for about four hours in her car.

This morning, Starr and her husband, Ed, cried while recounting the story of what happened last Wednesday morning in an interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch at the SPCA’s offices.

Ed Starr said that last Wednesday, as his wife prepared for work, he put the couple’s 16-year-old dog into her Volvo station wagon. She often took the dog — a deaf and blind mutt named Louie — to work with her, according to the couple. He was her favorite dog, she said.

Robin Starr arrived at work about 8 a.m. without realizing that the dog was in the car, they said. Ed Starr said he forgot to tell her Louie was in her car.

“I just forgot . . . and didn’t think about it until I got this frantic phone call from Robin. I knew immediately what I had done,” he said today.

About noon, Robin Starr went to her car to go get lunch, and that’s when she noticed Louie in the car. She took the dog inside to the SPCA clinic, then to an emergency veterinary clinic in Carytown. The dog died about midnight of kidney failure, the Starrs said.

“At 16, he just laid down where you put him and didn’t make a peep,” she said. “He never made a peep in the car; he’d just lay there in the back.”

According to the National Weather Service, last Wednesday’s temperature in Richmond was 79 degrees at 8 a.m. and had reached 91 by noon.

Tamsen Kingry, the SPCA’s chief operating officer, said this morning that “the SPCA board of directors does not waver in its support” of Robin Starr. She has been CEO of the Richmond SPCA since 1997. Starr said she does not plan to resign.

Robin Starr has been an outspoken critic of Michael Vick and his role in a Virginia dogfighting operation, and of several local residents who were charged with animal neglect that led to animal deaths.

For more on this story, see tomorrow’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

— Jeremy Slayton

So, shouldn’t someone have to pay, whether it was intentional or not? A dog still died and it was due to the negligence of somebody, either her or her husband.  Also, I don’t know why, but what if he is covering up for his wife?  he knows that it looks bad, so the story is one to lessen the blow?  Either way, someone should be doing some time, or at least shouldn’t she resign from her post?

But, it will eventually come back on her.  Look at Mike.  He did his time and now is attempting to make a comeback.  Haters, look at the welcome he got at the game.

The people have spoken.  You do wrong and do your time, we will welcome you back.  Karma….it is a bitch that will find you when you least expect it…

4 Responses to “Micheal Vick and Irony: The fans love him in his return to football and a leading hater KILLS HER DOG!”

  1. The thing I’d like to know is where’s PETA when the thoroughbred trainers are shooting up these horses with above the norm dosages of steroids.

    And what the hell are the NAACP doing there to begin with ?

    Here’s my latest.

    C-R-E-A-M Cash Rules Everything Around Me ……..

    Sometimes It’s Best To Be Seen And Not Heard ….

    Alan Parkins

  2. Ronin Storm said

    She done killed that dog.
    As if the poor thing wasn’t suffering enough.
    Could you imagine its last hours in the car.
    All pissed off. Deaf,mute and barely able to stand on its own.
    Cursing his owners. This is a shame.
    Would you do that to a baby?

  3. She’d done killed the dog and then it was served up as a meal for some visiting Chinese dignitaries. How quaint LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

    This is a really screwed up world and then some !

    Alan Parkins

  4. Here’s my latest piece should you at all be interested ? In order to view just click on the text shown below.

    Can Someone Tell Me Why ?

    Alan Parkins

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