The Taoism (Daoism) of R. Kelly: How Rihanna, Chris Brown and Aaliyah share a connection

August 26, 2009

I was driving home last night after a long first day with the students and a coaches meeting after school at 6.  The meeting was scheduled just enough to not really allow me to go home and spend any significant time, without having to leave to come back for the meeting.  The meeting was actually okay, because they served dinner (which was just pasta, salad and desert, but it was really good and the desert, which I didn’t have looked outstanding) and they gave us some free gear, which I like, except the part that it looks like we are  (New coaching shirt, T-shirts and mock turtlenecks) repping Adidas this year from Nike last year.  But, free is free and the gear looks good.

On my way back, I was listening to a mixtape (on CD of course, as who still has a tape player?….even though I still have some actual mixtapes) and on this tape it had the remix of Every Girl, featuring R. Kelly.  Here is a sample of his lines… (flip the script for more)

really… You are going to have some hating ass females start rubbing on one another?  Sign me up!  But, I am not talented enough to do that, but this guy is.  What kind of Dee-bo mind control does this guy have on women?  Let’s go through his past, with the help of Amanda Hess and her blog.

1995: R. Kelly, 27, marries 15-year-old Aaliyah while working with her on her debut album titled, strangely enough, “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number.”

This one is easy to see.  First, Aaliyah, R.I.P.  Your birthday was a few days ago and we throw out a belated B-day shout out.  The girl was only 15 and she was surrounded by a famous recording artist that she looked up do and admired his craft.  This was the proverbial taking candy from a baby.  Another website quotes the Post about the relationship

damn..dude stay out of the cookie jar!

damn..dude stay out of the cookie jar!

Added from Chicago Times & NY Post Article: Aaliyah was 12 when she was first introduced to R. Kelly by her uncle Barry Hankerson. Sources said that a naive young Aailyah had a crush on Kelly, but was caught by surprise when Kelly suddenly arranged the marriage. He took her to a suburban Chicago hotel room for a quickie marriage ceremony. Kelly used a phony marriage certificate that listed her age as 18 and the two were legally hitched. The union was later annulled, and Aaliyah was sworn to secrecy and waived all civil claims against Kelly.

2002: R. Kelly, 35, is “indicted on 21 counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor.” He is later acquitted.

We forget that this is just not having sex with an underage girl, which is shameful and repulsive (Jason…we are looking in your direction, since you might have some inside R. Kelly knowledge, since you look up to him and Wilt) put that he urinated on this young girl as well.  But, everyone is entiteld to their day in court, from the Court of Public Opinion

to the actual Courthouse

2008: R. Kelly, 41, tells BET:

BET: Let me ask you something real that millions of Americans are thinking about and wondering about you. Do you like teenage girls?

Kelly: When you say teenage, how old are we talking?

BET: Girls who are teenagers.

Kelly: 19?

BET: 19 and younger.

Kelly: I have some 19-year-old friends, but I don’t like anybody illegal if that’s what we’re talking about, underage.

I think that the question is a trap to show that the guy doesn’t have boundaries.  Don’t mistake a good trap question for something that is wrong, I am only stating the obvious that this is designed to paint him in the worst possible light and he doesn’t care.

2009: R. Kelly, 42, releases a song in which he declares, “I want to fuck every girl in the world.” Among them: a girl, her friend, her sister, her cousin, her mom, and “the Statue of Liberty.”

At least he isn’t Mack Maine in the track

[Mack Maine:]
And bitch I’m Mack Maine -aine -aine -aine
Sanaa Lathan
Megan Good
Angelina Jolie
D Woods
For free suites I’d give Paris Hilton all-nighters
In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus

I don’t discriminate, no not at all
Kit kat a midget if that ass soft I break her off
I exchange V cards with the retards
And get behind the Christian like Dior cause he are
Mack Mizzo
Cause he are Mack Mizzo

The dude first says that for some free Hilton suites that he would beat up the coochie of Paris Hilton.  Wow.  Regardless of what you think about her and her looks (good looking, annoying and seems airheaded, although that is clearly an image she uses, so intelligence is hard to discern) SHE HAS THE HERPS!!!!!

Now, how would I know?  I have never been with Paris, or even know anyone who actually knows her.  But, what I do have is the basic ability to use the internet, so information is at my disposal.

anything for the money....

anything for the money....

Here is a copy of her prescription…

Why would you risk your health for a free room?  Aren’t you a rapper with a lot of loot?  But, why be shocked, since he would and has already sized up Miley Cyrus.

But, when I was thinking of the title, I had this and other thoughts rolling through the brain on the drive home.  How do men like R. Kelly have a past like that and still get the skins?  Chris Brown had to two piece Rihanna to get her off his phone, but she is still in love with him?  Why? Is the Vitamin D that nutritious for them?  Having to show violence is no way to have a relationship, even though I know that flies in the face of Rule Number One here at Too Old…Keep your pimp hand strong.

So, I went all Eastern Philosophy on you to figure out things.

Taoism (pronounced as Daoism) refers to a variety of related philosophical and religious traditions and concepts that have influenced East Asia for over two millennia and the West for over two centuries.[1] The word 道, Tao (or Dao, depending on the romanization scheme), means ‘path’ or ‘way’, although in Chinese folk religion and philosophy it has taken on more abstract meanings. Taoist propriety and ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Tao: compassion, moderation, and humility. Taoist thought generally focuses on nature, men-cosmos correspondence (天人相应), health, longevity, wu wei (action through inaction), liberty, and spontaneity.

So, it seems that R. Kelly has none of this.  But, like a friend of mine was saying, ” You don’t see the other side of him…” and she was right.  I don’t see things behind closed doors.  Maybe he really is the Piped Paper of R&B.

Lil Wayne falls into this category.  He is on the song Every Girl as well, and he raps about the amount of tail he gets and what he is looking for.  The thing about him is, even though is not classically handsome ( or good looking in any sense of the definition) he pulls mad tail.  It can’t be just about the fame, because some of his conquests have been famous as well.

Maybe the other side of these people is Tao that we don’t see.  Either that, or voodoo…

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