E’s song of the day

August 20, 2009

I know, I know, I missed a couple of days.  I was taking the CBEST yesterday (so i can substitute teach in Cali) so that, combined wiht work, left me pretty busy.  I’m also leaving town tomorrow to go to a wedding in Utah, so we’ll see what my internet capabilities are out there.  today, I’ll hit you off with a couple, before I get to bed.  I’m getting tired, so i’ll get right to it.  Steve and I were talking about geting this guy onto the segment, and i had this jam in my queue for a LONG time.  Jam one: Lionel Ritchie – Say you, say me.   Enjoy….

Steve was hating just now, but I don’t care, that song is my JAM.  But on to track two.  Ronin and i were talking a few weeks ago about weak ass hipster wannabe activists (*cough* Jason *cough*), and I mentioned this dope punk rock song hat addressed this issue.  I’ve featured these dudes before, I think, but they rock.  My buddy, who’s wedding I’m going to in Utah this weekend really likes this jam too.  Jam 2 (heh): RKL (Rich kids on LSD) – HPC (Hippie-critically Politicaly Correct).  Enjoy….

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