E’s song of the day

August 9, 2009

Our boy Ronin recommended I see the movie In Bruges, so I’ve been watching it (really good film so far, I recommend it), and just heard a song from this female singer/song-writer whom I’ve had on my queue for a song of the day appearance for some time now.  Given the fortuitous timing of her music in the movie (just as I was pondering what song to drop on you today) it seems fitting that she finally make an appearance on this segment.  I got into her quirky singing style and smooth piano accompaniment about two years ago, and I was very excited to grab the new release of her latest album about a month ago.  It was difficult picking just one song today, but I keep telling myself that I’ll hit you off with another of her works later, so just one will have to do to whet your musical appetite for the time being.  Today’s jam: Regina Spektor – On the Radio.  Enjoy….(sorry no video.  I found a decent one of her performing this jam live, but I prefer the album version).

Regina Spektor – On the Radio

3 Responses to “E’s song of the day”

  1. In Bruges was a good movie but by no means great ! However you ought to try Guy Ritchie’s Rock-n-Rolla.

    It has a terrific ensemble cast !

    Here’s my latest


    Just click on the text to view .

    Alan Parkins

  2. Erik said

    I said “really good” – not “great.” I watched In Bruges followed by The Wrestler, and I gotta say I preferred In Bruges. Maybe that’s just me. I’m not big on movies with lots of blood…

  3. Check out the Don Cheadle movie ‘Traitor’ . It’s flawless from start to finish. Also ‘Vantage Point’ is very good as well !

    Alan Parkins

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