Michael Vick – Will somebody please just sign this guy so I can read about something else?

August 6, 2009

I had begun to comment on the story from one of our readers, fellow blogger Alan Parkins, but when I finished, I noticed that my comment was of near post-size proportions, so I figured I would share with you on this page as well:

This Vick business is starting to border on ridiculous.  I had initially thought that he would be a perfect fit for my beloved (but much maligned by all others) Raiders.  Imagine the possibilities of Vick and McFadden in a wildcat formation!  Upon further reflection, I’ve decided that, for a team struggling to break even after several years in a row near or at the bottom of the NFL, taking on a player (and all of the media hype involved therein) who may not even play until the end of the season might not be the best move.  I agree with you (Alan) that those Green Bay guys need to get their media story straight.  Flirting with Vick is a recipe for disaster.  Rodgers was a top 10 QB last year.  Talking about bringing in another player at that same position is just silly (and only demonstrates a lack of confidence, on some level, in the relatively young former Cal QB).  I actually think Carolina would make sense.  Delhomme is no spring chicken and their receiver core (after Steve Smith) doesn’t exactly give me goose bumps.  He could be an exciting addition to that team, fitting into the roster at any number of positions (Smith and Vick as the two split wideouts?).  Either way, it’s beginning to make me feel similar to all of the Favre media nonsense (from both last year AND this year): I just want someone to make a move one way or another so we can get on with the season.  Maybe this new league, the UFL, might be the way to go.  At least so Vick can prove that he still remembers how to play the game…

2 Responses to “Michael Vick – Will somebody please just sign this guy so I can read about something else?”

  1. bobbygee said

    Teams are leary of his past. It is in God’s time not the banks when and if Mike Vick will play in the NFL. Maybe it is not in his best interest to play in the NFL right now. God knows. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  2. […] Well, Erik can finally stop worrying…and get to figuring out how to get his sad sack team into the playoffs in our football league…. […]

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