A’s game proves unforgettable

August 6, 2009

My grandfather would always say “every ball game you will see something you have never seen before”. I challenged this theory at every chance and after watching 1000’s of games during my life Papa has never come up short.

Once again his wisdom was proven at last night’s A’s game when I was able to spend an evening at the ballpark with a new friend and FMA. The A’s won a 7-5 powerfest against Rangers. Oakland hit 4 home runs including Adam Kennedy’s game winning 2 -runner in the 6th. Although the win and the rare power were great to see I was initially fired-up to watch pitcher Chad Reineke make his A’s debut after being called up from Sacramento earlier in the week. Chad filled in for Dallas Braden who is nursing a swollen left ankle which developed from a rash caused by a Neoprene guard used to protect his big toe when pitching ( or we could just say he caught a VD over the weekend ).

I dig watching guys pitch for their life and careers. There is something raw and pure about a guy getting his one shot and going for it with no regrets. this is especially true after watching friends from college get their shot in the Bigs. Some successful some not but all exciting if you know what to look for.

“I got my debut out of the way last year, so I wasn’t that nervous,” Reineke said. “I was a little anxious, but the worst was the two hours leading up to the game.”

Chad might not have been playing his best but the teenage girl on the ramp to the Bart station was at the top of her game when some little boy let his mouth run a little too much. Full of sound and fury the girl turned around and shouted “my mama would call you a sucker a-s pus-y”. In which I almost hurt myself laughing so hard. Unfortunately, not a candidate for a good game of  “Guess The Race” but funny non the less.

I say Chad did well while allowing four runs on seven hits and no walks in five innings. The key is ZERO walks. We will have to see what the clubhouse thinks.

But lets move on. The real fun began in the 8th when not one but two fans ran onto the field. I think they were just happy that the A’s looked as though they were gonna win their 3rd straight and just could contain themselves. Either way I couldn’t stop laughing. Like the timing of a perfectly tuned race car engine as soon as the the first guy was apprehended by security the second guy began his streak. This one was by far the most enjoyable as the security was already tuckered by the first guy and proceeded to just give up midway. This prompted guy #2 to just take his sweet time until the Blarts got their wind back and renewed their chase. Although I wasn’t Johnny on the spot with the camera I was able to snap a few. BTW, I know they are the best but certainly better than Fred Flintstone’s Moby Dick thumb pics. So don’t cap.

OK this one is like the FF thumb pic but the dude looked just like our boy Loof

OK this one is like the FF thumb pic but I swear this dude looked just like our boy Loof

Dude #2 makes his break

Dude #2 makes his break

Blarts sucking wind

Blarts sucking wind.

This guy was JOTS and picked up Dude #2. and posted on You Tube.

On a sad note…although these two knuckleheads deserved to be thrown out we watched 3 other A’s fans get kicked out for what seemed to be common heckling. Including the Jerk sitting next to us that everyone cheered when the Po-po showed up. I am always on my best behavior at A’s games or any sporting event. That is providing only intelligent, funny, or sarcastic comments keeping it PG for the entire family.  I can’t say I’m in favor of kicking a guy out b/c of language or gestures. That seems a little un-American.

Also seems to be a trend…

This guy got tasered on Mon. for rubbing his nose at cops. What happened to Cops with SKILS??? Cops that could gently end situations without violence. If all they have to do is pull out the taser then what’s all the training for? I could teach “how to use a taser” in 5min.

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