Move over NYPD, This is the face of a RACIST COP

August 5, 2009

See, this is why N.W.A. can make the classic song Fuck the Police and have it still remain in the lexicon and rotation of most hip hop fans, since they can relate to the hatred some have for the cops.  We talked about the NYPD during the Sean Bell murder and look what they did after the  Sean Bell Case.  They earned their spot as most hated.  But, with the Professor Gates incident, it looks like they have some serious competition.

Just putting another racist on blast....

Just putting another racist on blast....

He even has that racist look in his eye, like “Nigger, I see you and you better be flying straight, or I will lock your ass up!”  But, I wouldn’t put him on blast for nothing….The Daily News explains…

Suspended cop Justin Barrett who called Prof. Gates a ‘jungle monkey’ was turned in by fellow cops

Boston police officer Justin Barrett was suspended Wednesday, July 29, 2009, for using a racial slur to describe black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The Boston cop suspended for calling Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates a “banana-eating jungle monkey” in a mass e-mail was turned in by fellow cops.

This is the one time where Keeping it Real would be justified.  He really went there, didn’t he?  Plus, doesn’t he know that emails leave a trace behind?  The words on emails stick with you.  Remember when we had to deal with this and President Obama?

The revelation that Officer Justin Barrett‘s brothers in blue were also revolted by his hateful words came as the police commissioner tried to repair to reputation of Beantown’s police department.

“This type of venomous rhetoric is severely damaging,” Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis declared Thursday. “We will not allow the unacceptable actions of one member to define who we are.”

Davis said he has apologized to Gates on behalf of the department and they are now checking whether Barrett had any run-ins with blacks while on the job.

The only apology that I want is this guy never having the power of the badge again.  Words are cheap in this scenario, since the power of the words are not backed by action/power.

Barrett is also not getting any love from the local police union, which has denounced his remarks as “offensive and hurtful.”

“He’s gone,” Boston Mayor Tom Menino said of Barrett, who has already been suspended. “G-o-n-e. I don’t care, it’s like cancer. You don’t keep those cancers around.”

Barrett, 36, a cop for two years, has also been suspended by the National Guard, where he holds the rank of captain.
Earlier, Barrett insisted he was not a racist and “did not mean to offend anyone.”

“The words were being used to characterize behavior, not describe anyone,” Barrett told WCVB-TV.

Barrett conceded it was a “poor choice of words.”

“I didn’t mean it in a racist way,” he added. “I treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

Really?  Why wouldn’t we think that you are racist?  Jungle Bunny?  That is not a racist term is it?  This is the first image that comes up when you type in Jungle Bunny into Google…

there is clearly no racial connotation in this term....

there is clearly no racial connotation in this term....

But, I just slipped when I used the term cracker…

cracker ass cracker...but I meant that in a good way....

Barrett said he was “just venting” about the July 16 arrest of Gates by a white Cambridge cop that became a national discussion about race when President Obama said the officers acted “stupidly.”

“People are making it about race,” said Barrett, who vowed to fight any attempt to fire him. “It is not about race.”
But it may be about whether Barrett has any sense.

Barrett got into hot water after he fired off the note to his buddies on the force, in the Guard – and, inexplicably, The Boston Globe.

In the email, Barrett called the Globe story “jungle monkey gibberish” and wrote that Gates’ “first priority should be to get off the phone and comply with police.”

“For if I was the officer he verbally assaulted like a … jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC deserving of his belligerent non-compliance,” Barrett wrote.

OC is pepper spray.

just some 1963 pepper spray curtesy of Bull Connor, Chief Racist

just some 1963 pepper spray curtesy of Bull Connor, Chief Racist

You N@##$RS stink, let me wash the black off you....

You N@##$RS stink, let me wash the black off you....

Yeah…I bet that you would use only pepper spray.  That excuse hopefully doesn’t work and is not believed.  Here is a guy trying to work a similar rouse. Hopefully, for Oscar Grant, his family and friends, excuses like that will not work.

Barrett went on to question Gates’ credentials, called him a “God damned fool,” and twice challenged the paper to “ax” him what he thinks.

“I am not a racist, but I am prejudice [sic] towards people who are stupid and pretend to stand up and preach for something they claim is freedom,” Barrett wrote.

People think this about Boston, since this is not the first time racial incidents have happened recently.  We blogged about the student who was expelled from Harvard, because a killer was the same color as her. No, she didn’t commit the murders or help.

Remember the Ryan Moats fiasco? His mother in law was in the hospital dying on her last leg.  He ran a red light to get the hospital.  He waited, looked both wyas and ran it after seeing that there was no traffic.  But, once he got to the hospital, the cop wanted to sweat him and drew his gun.

Race still and always will matter.  Recognize that there is racism and you become part of the solution instead of part of the problem…there are still people who refuse to rent to blacks…

Even things that might be racist so some and not to others causes issues.  Look at the cartoon from the Post about the stimulus bill that Obama was pushing. Even if you don’t think that it (being the comic) is racist, look at the comment from the first poster.  How does my complaint mean that I should move to Africa?  That is why this is and should be an issue that we talk about, because when we allow it to bubble jsut below the source is when we have the most trouble when it erupts and it will…

So, please forgive me when I say I just don’t believe you when you say that you are not a racist….

One Response to “Move over NYPD, This is the face of a RACIST COP”

  1. I’ve maintained all along that if there was nothing to hide over this incident . Then it wouldn’t have been blown out of proportion. But the fact of the matter is , this wasn’t the first time such an incident of this kind hadd taken place in Cambridge , Mass.

    Much like the same way that Guiliani was an as_hole in trying to justify the death of Amadou Diallo ,by stating that he’d committed a crime as a juvenile. There’s a stark difference between shoplifting and then being shot on your fu_kin’ doorstep 47 times. After you’ve just returned home from working 14 hours straight. And this piece of excrement thought fit to run for the highest political office in the land ? Thank God , he didn’t make it !

    Well what’s not to know ! It’s not as if he’s the only cop on the force who holds those views to begin with.

    Here are my latest should you be interested ? Just click on the text link shown to view. As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments .

    Like Water For Chocolate …..

    Picks And Pans ……

    For $97m You’d Better Be Able To Guarantee Me Something ………..

    Alan Parkins.

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