E’s song of the day

July 30, 2009

Good morning readers/listeners!  Your boy E has had a VERY long day on the grind (coming up on the end of a 12-hour shift) so I apologize for the delay, but of course I’ll break you off with two jams to get you going something proper.  This first one is a song I heard while watching the TV show “Kings.”  I’m sad that it only made it one season, as it was shaping into a pretty good show, but of course those TV execs wouldn’t know good programming if they were the stars of the show.  But I digress…jam one: Death Cab For Cutie – Transatlanticism.  Enjoy…

Jam two was suggested by our boy Wes (a member of the Two Old Crew’s extended family).  He was singing this jam the other night and suggested I hook it up for you readers.  I don’t often take requests, but my boy has pretty good music taste, so I’ll oblige this time.  Personally, my favorite jam by this artist is “This Woman’s Work,” but this one gets it done too.  Jam 2: Maxwell – Fortunate.  Enjoy…

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