E’s song of the day

July 20, 2009

kids, smokings bad for you, but sometimes it looks cool...

kids, smoking's bad for you, but sometimes it looks cool...

I know, I know, I’ve been away for the last few days, but I’m back and ready to make it up to you with a little triple-play of tunes.  I’ve got quite a random sampling of songs, so everyone is sure to enjoy something (if not all).  First up, I was randomly thinking about my favorite Woody Allen movie, Everyone Says ‘I love you’ and recalled that this jam is sung by a portion of the cast, including Allen himself.  This thinking then prompted a quick youtube search to hear some other versions of the song (it’s a jazz standard, so there are many).  I’ve chosen this particular version because it has the slower tempo that I prefer for the song.  Jam one: Diana Krall – I’m Through With Love.  Enjoy….

Not so dissimilar is this soft, smooth cover by maybe my favorite french band (and I have a thing for French music).  I was also fortunate to find a great live version on video.  I’ve been meaning to throw some of their work on here for some time now.  Jam 2: Nouvelle Vague – I Just Can’t Get Enough.  appreciez….

Fuck it, I enjoyed that so much that I’ve decided to add a bonus Nouvelle Vague Jam right now.  Jam 2.5: Nouvelle Vague – This is Not a Love Song.  Tight….

And finally, to actually shift gears a bit, we’ll end today’s edition with something a bit more upbeat.  Maybe my favorite jam from one of my favorite hip-hop crews.  I got the Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 CD when I was in highschool and basically blew out my speakers from bumping it so often.  A strong finish for the song of the day, Jam 3: Jurassic 5 – Jayou.  Sorry about the snowboarding video, but the song sound quality is still good.  Enjoy….

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