Another dude who could be my wingman

July 18, 2009

Adding to the list…short list, and getting shorter every night…of dudes that could be my wingman is Richard Gasquet. Don’t ask me to pronounce his name but I would be willing to share a round with this dude. All I ask is that a guy be willing to” step-up to the plate” and have some “game”. Just a little bit of game that’s all. Just be willing to step-up and I’ll close for you.

Our boy “Deuce” has no game but dude never hurt my game so he can be a wingman. But if you don’t step-up and give your best shot how do you even call yourself a man. Just don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. Like Jimmy V. Apparently my boy Richard does not have that problem…

Richard Gasquet of France, who was barred from competition after a positive drug test, is free to rejoin the ATP Tour since an International Tennis Federation panel agreed with him that he had inadvertently ingested trace amounts of cocaine while kissing a woman. Gasquet, ranked 32nd in the world, was suspended in May after he pulled out of a tournament in Key Biscayne, Fla., citing a shoulder injury. A urine sample he provided at the tournament tested positive for cocaine. Although Gasquet, 23, was at fault for exposing himself to contamination at a nightclub, that fault was not significant, the three-lawyer panel ruled today. Gasquet had told the panel that he took in the cocaine while kissing a woman, whom he identified only as Pamela, The Associated Press reported. In light of those circumstances, the panel barred him for 2 months 15 days, ending today, rather than banishing him for one year, which it said would have been “unjust and disproportionate.-NYT

Richard likes to party. And that’s cool but watch who you make-out with. And who was this tranny ho that tried to pull a fast one on my boy Richard? If you have a coke problem go to the end of the line or just excuse yourself from the make-out room. Don’t get my boy kicked out of the ATP.

On another note how did the ATP excuse my boy Richard and  buy his explanation? I would have loved to have been in that room. Can you imagine?  “what haaad haaapennndd was…”. So Richard does have some game. But, can you imagine Michael Irvin going before the NFL board with a similar defense? “yo honaaar, this is all to painful.  Me and Troy was on the dance floor and all of a sudden some ho shoved her tongue down my throat. I don’t even like the llelo”

One Response to “Another dude who could be my wingman”

  1. grammaticalchaos said

    could I be your wingman? Black Power. They should have never gave us niggas money.

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