What goes around…

July 15, 2009

This is why you never stop at the border.

This is why you never stop at the border. Do your gambling in LV.

This is some sort of irony.

Remember that sweet Range Rover that the UFC gave to Dan Henderson to thank him for coaching “The Ultimate Fighter?” Yep, that’s it, in the picture above. Henderson, who lives in Temecula, Calif., was driving back home after UFC 100 and couldn’t even make it out of the state before the car broke down. Henderson sends a message to UFC president Dana Whote on his Web site, saying, “Thanks for the car, Dana, hope it comes with a warranty!”

Henderson had a highlight reel win over British UFC star Michael Bisping on Saturday night, knocking Bisping out in the second round with a powerful right hand. Henderson caused some controversy by following up the right with an additional punch when Bisping was on the ground before the referee stopped the fight. Afterward, Henderson said that the extra punch was to “shut Bisping up.” Prior to their bout, the two men coached on “The Ultimate Fighter,” and Bisping spent much of the show badmouthing Henderson.

Edmunds, a Web site that reviews automobiles, claims that Range Rovers have a poor reputation for reliability, and that was proven true with Henderson’s car. He had been in training camp, and then spent the day after the fight at the pool. He didn’t have much time to cruise around in it until taking it for the four-hour drive home to Temecula. Maybe the British-born vehicle just didn’t like Henderson knocking out its countryman, and it decided to exact revenge.

Henderson won the $100,000 Knockout of the Night bonus on Saturday; he should be able to buy himself another car. Or, perhaps he could use the bonus to waste some time at Whiskey Pete’s, the low-rent casino at the state border that can be seen in the background of the picture above.

Two points…

Is there any doubt that Dana White is a crook? Did he give Henderson a lemon? I wouldn’t put that past him. He’s been holding UFC back for years with his strong arm tactics and shady deals. When is the board gonna vote him out and replace him with someone people can trust?

Why can’t people just keep their mouths shut? Bisping got knocked the fu-k out b/c he couldn’t keep his trap shut. Now Henderson probably got sugar put  in his gas tank b/c he was flapping his mouth post fight. What’s the odds that Bisping people vandalized the Rover?

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