E’s song of the day

July 15, 2009

I’m gonna slow things down a bit today.  I’ve been listening to a bunch of MJ recently, like millions of others, and that prompted me to also dip into a bit of Janet.  I heard this jam randomly on the radio and instantly knew it needed to grace this page.  Perhaps this is another good jam for my newly-turned 16-year-old sister to listen to.  Or maybe just for  all those young ladies out there (note: this does not necessarily apply to you ladies interested in your boy E, though I am, of course more than capable of taking my time).  There’s no rush, kids.  Today’s jam: Janet Jackson – Let’s Wait Awhile.

3 Responses to “E’s song of the day”

  1. Thankfully Janet’s lookin’ foin’ ! . Unfortunately the same can’t be said of LaToya. Who let that bi_ch out of her straight-jacket ?

    In order to view just click on the text links provided . As and when you’re ready I’ll look forward to reading your comments.

    Bud Selig Would Like You To Know That He Cares About Baseball …Yeah Right !

    Lamar Odom Or Carlos Boozer To The Miami Heat Sorry I Can’t Dignify That With Answer …..

    This final piece is about AI
    What with him wanting to play for the Clippers. I thought for one minute his family were going to have him committed.

    The Potential Is There For Something I Just Don’t Know What ……

    Check out my most recent pieces and let me know what you think ? Chimin’ out.

    Alan Parkins …..

  2. Steve said

    I will check them out and when they sang “Who let the Dawgs Out?” it was a question about LaToya. I have a feeling the higher power made a mistake and grabbed the wrong one, since her and MJ look so much alike…

  3. Steve

    The scary thing is that each of the members of the Jackson family have their own set of skeletons within their closets.

    It was felt originally that Jermaine was said to be the most talented of them all. But instead he’s been a spousal abuser amongst other things.

    They’re a microcosm of things that happen in a number of families up and down the country.

    Alan Parkins ………….

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