Why you should draft Tyreke Evans early, or spend loot in the auction…

July 14, 2009

because he is going to hit the ground running and he is going to be a starter.

BAM!  How you like me now?

BAM! How you like me now?

During the first quarter of Monday’s Vegas Summer League, Gavin Maloof joined the web broadcast to talk Kings. When play-by-play fellow Rick Kamla asked how long Gavin thinks it will take to get Tyreke Evans into Sacramento’s starting line-up, Maloof relayed word from Westphal, given when Gavin asked the coach the same question. The word? “He’ll start as soon as he steps on the court.” SactownRoyalty.com

In a draft system, don’t take him too high.  We will take time to develop, especially playing at the point.  In auction formats, (in the WCL, we have a budget cap of 400)  his value pre-auction will be around 20 dollars.  Last year, I drafted O.J. Mayo for 19 and got Derrick Rose for 29.  The WCL is a keeper format, so initial prices are important for keeper strategy as well.  It might not pay off as much in the first year, but beyond that, it will pay for it in spades.

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