I was right; Lebron is a punk b$tch

July 10, 2009

This is a rather late update to my previous post about Lebron the cry-baby, but for those of you who don’t watch sports television or read sports-related news, this may be new.  Recently, Lebron was working his summer skills camp for younger players when he was posterized by Xavier rising sophomore Jordan Crawford.  This would be, seemingly, innocuous news except for the fact that Lebron immediately had Nike officials confiscate all video evidence of the dunk.  I don’t think it bears repeating how pathetic this whole situation is, but I will say that I think it would have been far less of a media storm if they had just let the tape get released for public viewing.  Sure, people would take about the King getting punked, but my, in my opinion, it’s much worse to have everyone know you gut punked AND that you were too big of a bitch to let the video hit youtube.  All of the “first amendment” and “media censorship” hoo-ha aside, it’s just a real bitch move.  Can’t say I’m surprised.  And what’s even funnier, is how this interacts with his Nike campaign: “We are all witnesses.”  Not this time we weren’t.  I guess the only question now is whether Nike will bend to the demands of hoop enthusiasts everywhere and finally leak the vid.  According to Darren Rovell of CNBC:

By: Darren Rovell
Sports Business Reporter

LeBron James

It’s the talk of the sports world.

Jordan Crawford’s dunk over LeBron James at the Cavaliers star’s Skills Academy.

I’ll make the story short for those who somehow haven’t heard it. Crawford, who plays at Xavier, jammed on James, but Nike // [NKE 51.30 0.24 (+0.47%) ]// confiscated the visual evidence, citing rules that stated that taping was off limits.

The story leaked out.

Yesterday’s story was that Nike had the tape.

Today’s story? Fans want to see the tape.

Ten years ago, this would have all gone away. Fans wouldn’t have been able to generate enough noise to pressure Nike into giving the tape up. Now there’s hope in generating buzz on blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

So what will it take for Nike to release this thing?

Even though Nike can’t put any sort of branding on the video because Crawford is still playing his college ball, I still think it would be a good business move to release this. If it gets out there, everyone will know it’s because Nike decided to do it.

Nike execs know that it doesn’t have to have the Swoosh on there to generate buzz. The company is probably the best company out there in terms of working with viral videos. And the truth of the matter is that one kid jamming on LeBron doesn’t hurt Nike or LeBron from a marketability standpoint.

If the tape doesn’t come out, you can read it in a couple ways. One, Nike doesn’t want to set a precedent if their executives are serious about their filming policy. Two, they are unclear of their legal rights to air it — they confiscated it, but they legally might not even have rights to air it. Lastly, if it doesn’t come out, it might mean LeBron is legitimately being sensitive about this moment, which I honestly can’t believe. The guy is the MVP of the NBA, why would he care about something like this?

Did Michael Jordan insist on pulling this video of CEO John Rogers beating him at his camp? Of course not.

I’m pretty sure we’ve played this video on the blog before, but I thought I’d repost so you could see it again…

This once again proves my point from my last rant abut hating Lebron: he will never be the champion that Jordan is.  All you Lebron pole-riders out there, take note.  Maybe it’s time to get behind a winner.  Kobe has an MVP AND 4 championships.  I’ll also make this prediction right now: Lebron won’t do what Kobe did, namely, win a championship playing with Shaq.

4 Responses to “I was right; Lebron is a punk b$tch”

  1. Ronin Storm said

    Is Jason in the room ’cause I hear a lot of HATE???
    WOW dude, back the F-off. No one wants a video of themselves being dunked on to circulate the web. Most people in their lives go out of their way to cover little sh-t up e.g. Something stupid they said when drunk or someone ugly they hooked up with.(and don’t act like this ain’t you) But if you have the the power like LBJ to cover BIG sh-t up that may take $dough$ out your pocket then you do just that. Or you just let it happen. Which is what I guess really happened. Someone at NIKE said don’t release this tape. Why? What’s the upside? LBJ is $dough$ to NIKE. Why would they want to lose $dough$. They are not in the biz to lose $dough$. They owe it to their shareholders to not lose $dough$. So why do you think they would? But if the buzz gets big enough to release the tape then guess what? They will release b/c that buzz means more $dough$. Leave it at that.
    BTW, just shows you to what extent the CAVs or NIKE or the NBA would go to protect their cash cow. So I ask: Do you still think the NBA officiating is legit? Or do you think baseball is still the only true non corrupt sport?

  2. Justin said

    C’mon. Pulling the tape is weak, but you don’t cite anyone who knows or even claims that it was LeBron who got the tape pulled. People can speculate, but we just don’t know, and it doesn’t make sense to call someone a “punk bitch” without knowing.

    Second, Shaq is old. He’s obviously never again going to have a season like he had with the Lakers.

    • Erik said

      I’ll try to address both comments with one post. First, Ronin –
      Of course nobody wants to get punked on video, but the reality of being a pro athlete in the video/internet era is that one should expect full exposure every time you step out on that court (yes, even at summer camp). Jordan could have pulled the video of him losing to a CEO in one-on-one to save face, but he had the stones to let it ride. I think, if anything, getting dunked on shows us that Lebron isn’t this invincible being – it gives him some humanity, which is lacking unless we are allowed to see evidence of his fallibility. The loot will be there either way. He just lost a bunch of respect.

      Justin –
      Of course it is impossible to determine who pulled the tape, but almost every account I’ve read and/or seen on TV lists this timetable:
      1. Lebron gets posterized.
      2. Lebron walks off of court to talk with Nike reps.
      3. Nike reps pull the tapes.

      you do the math.

      And yes, Shaq is old. I guess, for the purposes of my comparison, I could also say that Kobe has 3 trips to the NBA Finals without Shaq. Lebron: 0. With Vincanity replacing Hedo in Orlando and KG coming back healthy, it doesn’t bode well for Lebron in the future.

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