Hater of the Week/The infamous dunk: LeBron James gets dunked on by Jordan Crawford…What’s the big deal?

July 10, 2009

You cant be KING if you are this soft...

You can't be KING if you are this soft...

Here is LBJ getting dunked on by Courtney Lee in the Playoffs.

It happens to everyone.  All the greats have been dunked on.  When you actually play defense, you will get dunked on from time to time.  Either you are coming over to help someone, or as I preach, you didn’t keep your head on a swivel and someone was able to come backdoor on you.

You get over it and move on.  But, LeBron and Nike couldn’t make that so.

Why did they take away the tapes? Jordan Crawford: “I don’t really know anything about that, that’s Nike and him overriding it. I don’t wanna get caught up in that.” How did the dunk happen? “He was waiting under the rim while I was coming towards him, and I jumped, and he kinda jumped away. I don’t think he thought I was gonna dunk it, and then, you know. (Host: You dunked it.) Yeah.” What were you guys playing at the time? “We was playing 5-on-5; it was 20 college campers and we were split up in to four teams and LeBron brought his own team.” Was he annoyed after you dunked on him? “He definitely took over – he was LeBron, he was still LeBron. It happened, like, the first 30 minutes when we we hooping, and we was hooping for like two hours. After I did it, we just kept playing ’cause the basketball just got started really.” Sports Radio Interviews

Depending on who you believe, either Nike (that is what LeBron is saying) or the King (that is what is insinuated in some articles) snatched up the film of the dunk.  Now cyberspace is blowing up wanting to see the dunk.

Hopefully, they will not turn over the tapes to Roger “The Eraser” Goodell, because then we will never see the footage.  The only thing that I hope for is that the footage makes it way into some commercial.  That is the only real way to come back from the PR hit.  ESPN continues…

But this week, James outdid himself when he turned an innocent dunk at his basketball camp in Akron into a covert Navy SEALs operation.On Monday night, a pair of videographers recorded Xavier’s Jordan Crawford dunking on James during a pickup game. After James allegedly huddled with Nike executive Lynn Merritt, the tapes were confiscated.

Did he or didn’t he?  Who was the person who made the decision to confiscate the tapes?  Here is a PDF of the rules, and they don’t limit the ability to film…
Getting dunking on is a ritual of life.  One of the greatest shotblockers did get a facial by KJ, as the ESPN article points out.

Kobe got Dwight Howard.  It’s just a part of basketball

Also, Jordan made a habit of dunking on fools.  If you go to our basketball blog at wclbasketball you can see Ariza giving someone the business.  It is a fact of life as a baller.

If you want to talk embarrassing, look at this video of Devin Harris and Stuart Tanner.  Even though Tanner has some chops as a baller in the UK, look how he is dressed…while they say it wasn’t a set-up, Stu KNEW that the NBA player would be there.  The clothes is the final nail in the coffin.

Now, that is embarrassing, but life goes on.  You already have a rep for being a bad sport.  LeBron, if you have any control, you would get the tape back…There is no reason to hate on Jordan Crawford and his moment in the sun.  Let a brotha get some shine….

2 Responses to “Hater of the Week/The infamous dunk: LeBron James gets dunked on by Jordan Crawford…What’s the big deal?”

  1. Erik said

    didn’t see your post until after I’d blogged about it. Why you gotta teal my shit steve? you know I’m the resident Lebron hater….

  2. Erik said

    jesus christ. first I made this comment on the wrong post (your superman bit below) then I forget the “s” in “steal.” this day is going downhill rapidly…

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