E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – the top 10

July 7, 2009

So i got a little twisted last night (yo might be able to tell from my last post) and failed to get out the top 10. luckily, I don’t work until later tonight so I’ve got some time right now to finish you off.  Here are my top 10 country sngs of all-time, as voted by ME, the blogger.  Enjoy….

10. Patsy Cline – Walking after midnight. What a fantastic jam from a country legend.  I toyed with pushing this higher and swapping it with her other mega-hit, but this 10-spot will haveto do.

9. Dixie Chicks – You were mine. My favorite Chicks song and what a jam it is!  Sad, yes, but a classic representation of the genre for sure.  This one always gets me.

8. Lonestar – Amazed. This one blew up the spot in ’99 right when I started getting into the genre.  Perhaps this is why it enjoys such a high placement.  Or perhaps this one is, indeed, universally recognized as one of the top songs. This is pretty lame, but I translated this song into French back in the day and can still remember large chunks of the translated version.

7. Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire. I had to include this legend doing what he does best.  Not a huge surprise here, mine and about a million other people’s favortie Cash.  This truly IS country.  That’s why I can’t stand people who say they don’t like county music.  HELLO!! Johnny motherfucking Cash is country, and you don’t like him?  That just says to me that you just don’t really like MUSIC.  period.

6. Reba McEntire – The night the lights went out in Georgia. No real surprise here either.  This queen of the modern country era doing her thing proper.  This is a great song and just a great story in general.  that’s what country music is all about: telling a good story.  Few can do it like Reba.

5. Charlie Daniels Band – The devil went down to Georgia. Like I said, you gotta have one fast-paced country jam in every ten or you’ve failed to represent the genre.  This is clearly the best of the bunch.  A classic jam, great instrument work.  Just quintessential country.

4. Garth Brooks – The Dance. The master of modern country telling us about life like no other can.  My personal favorite Garth Brooks song and the highest a song from the modern country era (songs released in my lifetime) on this list.  Brilliant.

3. Patsy Cline -Crazy. Not much more to say about this pioneer of the craft and her signature singing style.  Thi s song is truly a classic and well-deserving of near top-billing.

2. Willie Nelson – You were Always on my Mind. It wouldn’t be a country countdown without Willie, and I’ve decided to skip all of the second-hand goods (yes, I recognize that jams like “on the road again” should have made the list.  My B.) and go straight to the real gem of the bunch.  This song is one of the best pieces of music period. In any genre.

1. George Jones -He stopped loving her today. It isn’t a country countdown without this legend present.  Some will disagree with my choice, but that’ s why this is my list, and not yours.  This is, in my opinion, the esence of country music and the song that always touches me (not like that, you perv).  it’s ben a wild few days and a whole lotta country music, but what a fitting way to close things out.  Enjoy…

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