Evidence points to Sahel Kazemi as the shooter of Steve McNair

July 6, 2009

wait in line, I got enough sugar for you too!

wait in line, I got enough sugar for you too!

Jealously can cause us to do some things that we are not proud of later.  One poignant example that I have is that an ex-girlfriend broke into my e-mail, and deleted a letter that she wrote me saying some off the hook things about me.

She did it, (and she told me a few hours later) because she cared about me and was concerned that I took our relationship for granted.  Now, I moved out to Minnesota to be with this person, so I obviously had a vested interest in things working out, but her insecurity got the best of her.

As we have said many time before, there is a thin line between love and hate and something that Steve did or said crossed the line for Sahel.

I am going to KILL HIM! right after I have another glass of bubbly or another joint...

I am going to KILL HIM! right after I have another glass of bubbly or another joint...

ESPN reports that she recently bought a gun.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A relative of the woman found shot to death with Steve McNair said Monday that Nashville police told him she recently purchased a gun and that police believe they are almost sure she was the shooter.

Farzin Abdi is 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi’s nephew, but the two were raised together like brother and sister. Abdi says he does not believe Kazemi would have killed the former Tennessee Titans quarterback and herself.

Abdi said Kazemi, McNair’s girlfriend, had no motive. McNair and Kazemi were found dead on Saturday in a condominium owned by McNair.

Nashville police didn’t immediately have a reaction to Abdi’s comments.

Abdi said Kazemi believed McNair was divorcing his wife and she was preparing to sell her furniture to move in with him.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

We normally are big advocates of guns and maybe if Steve had his piece, this would not have happened.

The Daily News explains that Steve McNair’s mother doesn’t care about the details of the crime…

“Because the way I see it, it was the devil’s work and not God’s work.”

“I’m not mad. I am just grieving over my son,” she told the paper. “He was a great son [and] he was special. I just have a hard-time talking about it – I get teary-eyed.”

Investigators have ruled McNair’s death a homicide. He was hit by four bullets at close range.

Kazemi, a waitress who started dating McNair earlier this year, was killed by a single gunshot to the head. A pistol was found underneath her corpse, but while investigators have hinted that the killings appear to be a murder-suicide, they have not made an official ruling.

Though sources close to the McNairs indicated that the quarterback’s wife, Mechelle, may not have known about her husband’s brazen affair, Kazemi’s family said the waitress believed the quarterback was getting a divorce.

County records do not indicate that a divorce is pending, but the McNair family home is up for sale for $3 million

Here is the worst thing.  What if McNair WAS getting a divorce from his wife?  the family home is for sale… If she can hear me know ( I know, I owe verizon 5 cents for borrowing…) how would she feel knowing that?

cant come back from this mistake...

can't come back from this mistake...

Here is the only other possibility is this dude, Keith Norfleet… look at his MySpace page…

seems a little fishy to me...She did leave him once and four shots to McNair seems excessive...

seems a little fishy to me...She did leave him once and four shots to McNair seems excessive... Never let anyone or anything come in between you and the one you love because when you do you lose everything and so will they, because i keep it real...hhhmmm.....also, logging in asking about a good lawyer. If you look closely under his Last log-in....

This dude seems like he could have been the one, but who knows?

Plus, look at his friends

Friends of Keith Norfleet

It says that the Caucausian Persuasian is riding with Keith, fuck a quarterback, who is McNair in 09, RIP Sahel Kazemi

The case continues….

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