E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 15

July 6, 2009

Ok people, I’ve had to extend my interpretation of “4th of July Weekend” so that I can deliver on the top 40 of my countdown.  These really are a great little collection of my all-time favorite country songs.  You’re going to get tired of reading “this is my favorite…” or “what a classic country jam” but you’re also going to hear some ofthe best country music ever, IMHO. I’ll do twenty jams now, then split up the top 20 into two final posts this evening.  enjoy this healthy helping of great country music.

40. Little Texas – What might have been. This song is tehe reason I own this group’s Greatest Hits album.  Agreat, great country song and a sentimental favorite of mine (hence the lofty placement in the countdown).

39. Randy Travis – Three wooden crosses. The opening to this song sounds like the start of a dirty joke, but it quickly becomes a very poignant tale of life.  Travis is a master with words.  “It’s not what you take when you leave this world, it’s what you leave behind you when you go.”  enjoy.

38. Rascal Flatts – It’s not just me. Here’s another of those couny jams hat never hit it big on the radio or charts but struck a chord with me.  A fatastic love song and, in general, one of my favorite country jams period.

37. Tim McGraw – Something like that. For a good while, if asked, I would declare thisto be my favorite ocuntry song. Fun, simple, a fond remembrance of early love.  I am a HUGE Tim Mcgraw fan and this is one of his best.

36. Johnny Cash – Walk the line. I’m not sure you need much explanation for this one.  Classic Cash.  A pioneer doing his thing and shaping the genre as he went.  We miss you Johnny (don’t worry, this isn’t the lat you’ll hear from him).

35. Travis Tritt – It’s a great day to be alive. Just a real feel-good song.  Another that might not be as high  up on others’ lists but one that just evokes a special feeling in me.  Can’t help but smile… (funky video but the song sound quality is great)

34. Steve Wariner – Holes in the floor of heaven. A very sweet song relying on a touching metaphor.  Again, this was never the mega-hit that some songs both above nd cleow might be and/or have been, but does something special for me.

33. Lonestar – Not a day goes by.  Nothing like pining over a lost love while listening to this great Lonestar lament on repeat.  What can I say, sometimes a brotehr gets emotional.  I’m a sensitive guy, ok?

32. Brad Paisley – We Danced. Certainly my favoite Paisley jam (and you know, if youv’e been following, that there have been many in this countdown).  Just another really really good love jam done in that special country music way.

31. Diamond Rio – One More Day. We’re really getting into some SERIOUS personal favorites now.  My favorite Diamond Rio jam and, obvi, one of my tops overall.  Just a real heart-wrencher. Hold htose tears in, fellas.

30. Dixie Chicks – Cowboy take me away. Probably the most popular chicks jam among the masses, and with good reason.  Singature Dixie Chicks touched with that faint hint of yearning so carefully dispensed by this great country trio.

29. Lee Ann Womack – I hope you dance. Kind of a one-hit wonder, only in the sense that the IMMENSE popularity of this song significantly overshadowed the rest of her work.  This brilliant piece about taking advantage of every moment in life isn’t such a bad signature song, I guess.

28. Alan Jackson – Livin’ on love. Ans finaly we arrive at my personal choice for Jackson’s top jam.  Simple, honest, good ol’ fashioned country love song without any of that unnecessary despair or sorrow.  A great, great piece of work.

27. Brooks and Dunn – My Maria. And the hits just keep on improving (funny, that). Another brilliant tale of a man in love.  I would say that there is a decent consensus for this as their best song.  This duo have been a staple of the industry for decades and this song is truly a country masterpiece.

26. Rascal Flatts – I’m moving on. Classic Flatts (if these relatively young guys can really have anything “classic”).  A truly moving jam (pun intended?) that really captures the emotion of pushing forward, away from the past and into uncertainty.  My favorite of their songs.

25. Garth Brooks – The Thunder Rolls. Nobody paints a picture like my man Garth.  This dark tale of a lover gone astray is chillingly beautiful.  One of the greatest country songs ever.  period.

24. The Judds – Grandpa. Speaking of some of the greatest ever tunes…what a classic song, harkening to a simpler time, a peaceful way of life.  Just a great, cozy little song.  The Judds at their best.

23. Blake Shelton – Austin. this is another personal fave.  I just really like that notion of this dude holding on for the longshot and having it pay off.  A very nice tale of love.  I’m totally feeling this song…

Blake Shelton – Austin

22. Patsy Cline – I fall to pieces. This female country music legend makes her debut on the countdown at the 22 spot.  Don’t wory folks, she still has TWO MORE songs further up the list.  Classical vocal interpretations.  Just a brilliant artist.

21. Dolly Parton – Jolene. Maybe not everyone’s favorite Dolly, but it’s definitely mine.  An honest plea from a woman in love who knows she’s met her match.  In my opinion, Dolly at her best.

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