Good ole One Ball Tries Again To Piss Off French

July 5, 2009

I thought we were done with Lance Armstrong. Thought he retired.  But No wait…He’s gotta try again for a Tour de France win.  I knew it was coming b/c I saw this stupid commercial on the tube.  Now only does he once again exploit Cancer for his own fame but he uses the song “Auto Rock” from the band Mogwai, one of my favorites.  Now every time I want to listen to this song I gotta think of this cheating assh-le. Thanx Lance for screwing up something else I love. Interesting you care about cancer patients at the same time you begin to ride in the Tour again.

Lance is just a Cheat. Just like everyone else during that era. Why doesn’t he just admit it.  Instead he lies and tried to “graymail” everyone that knew the truth. Including his close friends, teammates and of course the true greatest American cyclist ever Greg LeMond. This dude just doesn’t get it. You cheated. We all know. So just hurry up and go away already.

No one that I know or even heard of that enjoys cycling likes this guy. Even this dude I know named Jason. Jason was even gonna try to challenge you if he ever got his bike fixed.

Tour de Jason

Tour de Jason

But Jason got sidetracked, like most things he starts.  BTW, bike for sale, missing one wheel $20.  I hear that’s what Jason paid.  It looks like a piece of junk but Jason claims it’s got an expensive frame circa 1980 Tour de France.

Anyway we here at Too Old will be following the Tour and Lance. But without the Juice Lance aint gonna even finish. I’ll put Lance’s left nut on it.  Oops that one is gone….so we think…

5 Responses to “Good ole One Ball Tries Again To Piss Off French”

  1. Erik said

    Oh Jason and his Bike! What a tragic tale of love and loss. “Never-finish Jason” doesn’t have quite the same ring, but it’ll have to do…

    I’ll still follow Lance either way. I figure using the juice just gets him back to “two-nut status” – it’s not cheating, it’s evening the playing field.

  2. Steve said

    I am down with One nut, two girl Lance…

    Plus, if LeMond was a friend, he wouldn’t try to rat him out…just like I tell my students, no one likes a snitch…

    Also, the Tour de Jason signature edition bike missing one wheel should go for more than 20 dollars….its a classic bike. She just didnt know how much it was worth.

    P.S. Dont forget the spare parts…

    • Ronin Storm said

      HA! HA! HA!
      That’s right I forgot about the spare parts. Maybe we should put it all on craigslist.
      One Hipster want-to-be single speed bike for sale $20 or trade for pair of skinny jeans.
      Classic Tour de Jason Brand worth much much more. Or so we hear.
      Includes spare parts and new wheel.
      Get your inner hipster on with this cool ride. Use at Ashby BART late night bike polo.
      Will not last… We mean the summer heat & weeds.

  3. Ronin Storm said

    “never finish” is better than “quick-nut” Jason. Maybe.

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