E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 9

July 5, 2009

Back again with some more hot tunes.  we’re almosthalfway thorugh our countdown and things are really starting to heat up.  Honestly folks, I’m gonna be getting a little tired of saying “I love this song.”  Let’s continue, shall we?

120. Reba McEntire – The greatest man I never knew.  Reba is another of those female country music legends, and rightfully so.  She’s got a jam way up in the top 20 of the countdown, but this one is very much deserving of praise in its own right.  (I’m actually pretty shocked that there’s no video for this tune.  sorry)

Reba McEntire – The Greatest Man I Never Knew

119. The Judds – Love can build a bridge.  Oh jeez, another monster of a country classic.  The Judds also have a jam in the top section of the countdown, but again, this one is CLASSIC. 

118. George Strait – Love without end amen.  Classic George Strait, One of two songs that I’ll feature back-to-back with the word “amen” in the title.  Oh country music, you’re so predictable sometimes….

117. Randy Travis – Forever and ever amen.  A slightly different kind of love tale in this song, but again, that same “amen.”  Randy Travis is a gentlemen and a scholar, and this is one of his best songs.

116. Tim McGraw – My next 30 years.  This is lassic Tim, and a song that has drawn crazy popular appeakl.  I hope to appreciate it more and more as I get older (I’m not 30 yet, you haters!).

115. Patty Loveless – Blame it on your heart.  Another great tune.  For all those ladies out there that have been burned by a no-good man, this one’s for you…

114. Mar Chesnutt – It’s a little too late.  we all live with regret from time to time.  “I should’ve done this, I should’ve done that…I hear ya Mark…

Mark Chesnutt – It\’s a little too late

113. Toby Keith – You ain’t much fun.  Like I said, you need at least one fun, rousing country song in every ten.  Toby Keith delivers again.  Most people are less fun when I’m not drinkin’… (another jam with no video.  I’m not happy about it either).

Toby Keith – You ain\’t much fun

112.  JoDee Messina – Stand beside me.  I had an ex-girlfriend who was all about this jam.  I good sentiment on finding the person right for you.

111. Brad Paisley – He didn’t have to be.  This is a special song for me.  As a child of divorce, I’ve experienced , first-hand, having men dating my mom.  She’s been married to my step-dad for over 15 years now and they’ve done alright.  The song really doesn’t apply specifically to my life, but a very sweet sentiment nonetheless.

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