E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 8

July 5, 2009

130. Carrie Underwood – Jesus take the wheel.  It was bound to happen.  My girl Carrie, American Idol winner turned country star it finally in the countdown.  She’ll have one more jam too, but this one is a pretty big hit. 

129. Lonestar – Tell Her.  Another of those jams from Lonestar’s hit album “Lonely Grill.”  This one never got huge radio play but has always been one of my favorites.  I always believed in the sentiment of telling those you care for just how you feel, lest you lose the opportunity to make your feelings known.

128. Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl.  Another fun fan favorite.  This jam had a particularly impressive cast for the video (including Dennis Franz and Lauren Holly).  Of course that video had the embedding disabled, so I’ve attached a different video for the audio but will also include a link to the youtube page with the original (right here).

127. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – It’s your love.  What a great fucking song.  I’m already rather partial to country duets (which you’ll notice more as the countdown continues) and this one is one of my favorites.  Cozy up with that (those)  special someone(s).

126. Johnny Cash – Hurt.  Yes, this is a cover, but so are several other jams on this countdown.  Few artists can do what Johnny did, and this chilling rendition of the Nine Inch Nails  jam is no exception.  Still gives me goosebumps.

125. Brooks and Dunn – Only in America.  Another fitting country tune for 4th of July weekend.  A celebrtion of what it means to be American (at least, for some people). 

124. Alan Jackson – Gone Country.  It doesn’t get more classic country than this.  Alan Jackson draws this simple parallell between the hustle and bustle of modern life and the simple, down-to-erth country lifestyle.

123. Kenny Chesney – The Good Stuff.  We’re slowly ramping up the Chesney, and it just keeps getting better.  Country at its finest.

122. Rascall Flatts – This everyday love.  Oh boy, we’re really getting into some of my favorite country music now.  Rascall Flatts are one of my top groups, featured heavily on this countdown, and what a great way to open with their unique twangy modern country.

121. John Michael Montgomery – I can love you like that.  Anotehr song jacked from the world of R&B.  Do you remember when “All 4 One” came out with this jam?  It was the bomb.  Country covers it pretty well too. 

I can love you like that

4 Responses to “E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 8”

  1. kwood7726 said

    dude…you have a long night ahead of you, if you still have 100 more to go…lol

  2. Erik said

    I know, I know. I’m grinding them out as fast as I can. I still think I may finish by midnight. we’ll see…

  3. kwood7726 said

    your ambition is commendable- and on this independence day weekend and all…you are the worker bee

  4. Erik said

    Only 80 to go now. Thanks for the support!

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