E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 12

July 5, 2009

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty folks!  NOw you’ll be hearing some REAL classics and l=thinking, well I would have put that one much higher.  Keep in mind, ranking 200 country songs is NOT an easy task.  If you disapprove of the order, or feel I have ommitted a song that you love, just remember: this is the ranking of MY favorite country tunes.  Learn to appreciate the tastes of others and you’ll live a richer life.

90. John Michael Montgomery – I swear. Ok, one more tune ripped from early 90’s R&B.  Another classic made popular by the group All 4 One and then reappropriated by JMM for the country audience.  Just goes to show you a great song can traverse many genres.

89. Toby Keith – How do you like me now. We’ve almost heard the last from Mr. Keith on this ranking, but I’ll send you off with a couple more of his staple songs.  This one blew up the country charts in a major way and almost got played out for me. luckily, it’s been a while since I’ve heard it, so it can take its proper place in the rankings.

88. Lonestar- Walking in Memphis. Catchy, sweet, and conutry to the core.  A great song about a mecca for the genre.  Several more to go from these guys, but damn they can sang some country!  Enjoy…

87. Collin Raye – If you get there before I do. Maybe nmy favorite Collin Raye jam.  What a touching story of people in love over a lifetime and beyond.

86. Carrie Underwood – Befoer he cheats. A real fun jam from an up-and-coming country superstar.  The ladies are loving this one, so I must oblige and put it in my top 90.  Plus Carrie is my girl.

85. Martina McBride – Wild Angels. The first of two big jams in the top 90 from this heavy hitting female star.  This one is sweet, steady, and another country classic.

84. Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues. Whoa, now we really are getting to the heavy hitters.  This tune could easily be much higher.  It just depends on how you take your Johhny (I, myself, prefer the blue label).

83. Alan Jackson – Little Bitty. This is one of those many country tunes that borders on a little too hokey for your boy E.  Nonetheless, it is still damn catchy, and a very well-respected song in the country community at large.  We’ll see what you think…

82. George Strait – Check yes or no.  Easily one of my favorite Strait songs.  Just a nice simple, country love song.  The theme is a bit cheesy at first, but it grows on you.

George Strait – Check yes or no

81. Randy Travis – On the other hand. Classic jam from a country star.  I love this commentary on the thought process of dealing with a two women in your life.  Trading up is hard to do…

Randy Travis – On the other hand

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