E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 10

July 5, 2009

Well, we’re halfway there folks.  This group of ten will take us to 101, and then it’s the homestretch.  This section features some hits ripped from today’s charts, some classics, and maybe one or two you haven’t herad before.  It should be a good grouping.  Dig in.

110. Leann Rimes – How do I live.  This girl bnlew up the spot as a teen country sensation and then fizzled a little.  However, she still has several big hits that deserve recognition and this is certainly one of them.

109. Gretchen Wilson – Here for the party.  This redneck woman made a name for herself by showing off her party side and letting it all hang out (and looking pretty damn while letting it hang).  Here’s one of those fun jams I was talknig about.

108. Brad Paisley – I’m gonna miss her.  Not too rowdy here, like my girl Gretchen, but certainly a fun song.  Fellas, don’t let your women run your lives.  Do your own thing and be proud. 

107. Keith Urban – But for the grace of God.  A little bit on the religious side, but heck, it is country music.  A classic Keith Urban song that had to be on this list.

106. Alabama -Mountain Music.  When I promised classic tunes, I wasn’t joking.  Alabama getting real country with this monster of a tune.  soak it in.

105. Toby Keith – You shouldn’t kiss me like this.  Toby gets a little sentimental for us (a change from his usual rodwy still, but a pleasant one). 

104. Taylor Swift – Our Song.  As promised, another Swift tune, this one ripped from the top of the country charts and hand-delivered to you.  Love it, hate it, she’s damn popular these days…

103. Lyle Lovett – I love everybody.  I had to include a little Lyle on this countdown.  This is my favorite Lovett song.  I think it’s kinda funny that his then-time girl, Julia Roberts, sings a little background vocal on this track.  Love is infectious people.  watch out!

Lyle Lovett – I love everybody

102. Blake Shelton – All over me. This is a great tune that was overshadowed by a more popular track from the same album.  Although that particular track will, once again, get more credit, this jam really is fantastic.  Regret is a bitch people…

Blake Shelton – All over me

101. Mark Chesnutt – I don’t want to miss a thing.  We all know the popular Aerosmith jam from the filmArmageddon.  Well, this Mark Chesnutt version adds that softer side of country to the mix.  What a great way to cap off the lower 100 on the list.

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