Where have you gone Sarah Palin?

July 4, 2009

Everywhere I go people are talkin’ about Sarah Palin. Why did she quit? What is she doing? What a stupid move b/c she can’t win? it’s all over the press also. They just can’t figure this woman out. Here is one interesting one I read this morning.

Palin’s stunning announcement raised more questions than it answered: Is she bowing out of public life? Is there a more nefarious reason for her resignation after only two-and-half years in office – yet another G.O.P. scandal in the offing? Or is the woman who tops most G.O.P. 2012 shortlists to challenge Barack Obama stepping down to get a head start on her next presidential campaign? Palin took no questions after her unscripted, rambling address, and her comments seemed to hint both ways: that she’s “passing the ball” of elected office, and that she plans on working for all Americans, not just Alaskans. “Some are going to question the timing of this and let me just say that this decision has been in the works for a while. In fact this decision comes after much consideration,” Palin said, holding up her left index finger as she amended her thought, “Much prayer and consideration. And finally, I polled the most important people in my life, my kids. And the count was unanimous. While in response to asking, ‘Hey, do you want me to be a positive influence and fight for all our children’s futures from outside the governor’s office?’ it was four yeses and one ‘Hell, yeah.’ The ‘Hell, yeah’ sold it.” 

This reporter goes through every scenario. Everything.  Except the truth. Palin did it for the $money$. How tough is this one? Palin can’t make much dough in freezing Alaska. But out of Alaska….  Like Tony Montana “The World is Yours”.  She can take over Michael Jackson’s tour dates.  (too soon?) Go on the speakers tour with all the other out of office politicians like Bill Clinton. (could you imagine an affair between Bill and Sarah?  I could…) Make loads of $Loot$.  She can also write her book. All politicians have to write a book. Even Obama wrote a book. Palin’s book will be a #1 Best Seller before it even hits the printer. Imagine the $dough$ from that….millions I’m sure.

Youuu betchaaa! Doggone it!

On a side note.
Is she gonna start speaking proper English? I hope not b/c she is so funny when she talks. Her use of prepositions is plain comical.
I say keep it up Sarah. The country could use some more humor during this economic crisis.

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