E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 6

July 4, 2009

I’m back home now and I’m determined to get one more set of tunes your way before I put the computer down for the night.  We’re in the top 150 now and things are really beginning to heat up.  The fireworks are popping so I’ll get right to it (again).

150. Lonestar – What about now. The Lonestar album “Lonely Grill” was one of the first country albums I purchased back in ’99.  You’ll hear several jams from that disc in this top 150 – this is one of them.

149. Little Texas – Kick a Little. I own these dudes’ Greatest Hits album.  This, of course, is on it.  2nd best Little Texas song, in my opinion.

148. Brad Paisley – Little Moments. Classic, simple yet elegant.  Brad Paisley has a couple more higher up, but this one is pretty effing good.

147. Diamond Rio – Meet in the middle. Another great love song from a group that knows how to make a love song.  This is a personal fave of one of our readers (shout out to B).

146. Kenny Chesney – She’s got it all. Yes, another Chesney jam.  Get used to it, there are more to come.  This one is pretty darn good.  For all of my lady-friends out there.

145. Montgomery Gentry – Hell Yeah. Another real feel-good party song.  It’s important to have at least one of these in every ten.  that’s what country’s all about.  well, that and lovin’….

144. George Strait – All my exes live in Texas. Wow, what a great tune.  A little bit hokey and super-country is the only reason it doesn’t land higher up on this countdown.  But classic.  fucking classic.

143. John Michael Montgomery – Sold. Again, a little hokey, but another real fun song.  Kinda wondering about the whole “auctioning people” idea (hmmm…slavery anyone?) but I’m trying to equate it more with prostitution than other alternatives.  that seems more acceptable to me….(I know, I know.  the dude’s selling himself because he’s in love with some girl, it’s not weird.  calm down.)

142. Alan Jackson – Drive. I feel like I’m talking about Jackson in each set of ten on the list.  It can’t last forever, but geez, this dude pretty much is “country music.”

141. Keith Urban – Somebody like you. Another great jam from a big country star.  This is one of my favorite songs.  hmm, maybe I should have placed this one higher up the list….

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