E’s 4th of July Weekend Country Countdown – pt. 5

July 4, 2009

I’ve got the last ten until the top 150 and we’re really getting into some higher-quality country tunes.  Also on the plus side, I”m only a little bit away from being off the grind, so I’ll try to get this bit out before I have to leave.

160. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill – Let’s make love.  The first of a couple of jams featuring this married duo.  Tim McGraw is one of my all-time favorite country artists, so you’ll be hearing plenty more from him.  Enjoy this little love duet.

159. The Judds – Why not me.  I’ve actually randomly had this song stuck in my head for the last hour or so (perhaps I anticipated its appearance on this list).  A classic jam by a classic country duo (who have a couple more gems farther up the list).

158. Shenandoah – Next to you, next to me.  Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the simplicity of a good conutry song.  Nothing fancy, just a nice sentiment and good ol’ fashioned way of telling the tale.  Their 2nd of two jamson this cfountdown.  Enjoy.

157. Alan Jackson – Don’t rock the jukebox.  Nothing is as country as a song demanding that good ol’ music.  Alan Jackson doing what he does best: representing the genre to a T. 

156. Johnny Cash – A boy named Sue.  Not much explanation here other than: you’ll hear plenty more of Mr. Cash as the list continues.  This one is fun, funny and classic Johnny. 

155. Alabama – Born Country.  Now we’re really starting to get into the nitty gritty of the genre.  another of several jams from this group – a GIANT in the country western community.  I remember when these dudes were winning Grammy’s like they were free giveaways. 

154. Clint Black – Nothing but the Tail lights.  Clint makes his debut on the list (the first of many) at #154 with this little jam about getting left.  Lord knows I’ve been there.  PReach on Mr. Black.

153. Collin Raye – I think about you.  Raye is another artist with a few hot tracks in my top 200.  Like many others, he has none in the top 50, but his work is well-deserving of praise. 

152-151. John Anderson – Straight Tequila Night.  AND Tracy Byrd – Ten rounds . 

A couple of fun jams about drinking the good stuff (maybe not Cuervo persay – I wouldn’t call that the best tequila, but…) and letting off a little angry/sorrow-filled steam.  Somehow I put the two jams about tequila next to each other.  I’m not necessarily sure which is better than the other, so I’ll let you decide.

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